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Couple Gets Matching Finger Tattoos Instead of Wedding Rings




  • Filipino couple John Paul Rivera and Mimi Miaco achieved viral fame because of their unique wedding.
  • For their wedding, they skipped the rings and got matching tattoos instead.
  • Netizens loved the concept because it isn’t only inexpensive but the ‘rings’ will stay with the couple forever.

You know what’s the problem with wedding rings? They’re often ridiculously expensive and because of their tiny size, it’s really easy to lose them if you’re not careful.

One couple in the Philippines found the perfect solution for that dilemma and it didn’t even cost them a fortune. On top of that, they have their ‘rings’ on all the time and and absolutely have no fear of ever misplacing them.

John Paul Rivera and Mimi Miaco decided to break as many traditions as they can for their wedding. They had no floral decorations, no veils or garters, and yes, no wedding rings. The couple got matching tattoos on their ring fingers instead.

In a Female Network feature, Mimi explained why they went for skin art instead of pricey jewelry.

Mimi said:

“If we’re talking about representing our commitment, the tattoos, for us, just felt so right—even if we bathe, get sick, and die, it’s with us.

“When we were thinking of a ring design, [we thought] an infinity symbol was too common. And instead of choosing “forever” or “always,” we thought of a Tagalog word that had a good ring to it: ‘palagi.'”

According to Mimi, the tattoos were done by Manila-based artist Kat Fallaria and they only paid Php2,500 (USD $48) for it.

As for her wedding dress, it’s also out of the typical. She purchased something practical and then just customized it to suit her personality.

She shared:

“I didn’t have a dream wedding gown to begin with, but I knew that I wanted my dress to be cheap, comfy, and not totally white…

“The dress was simple, so I waited only a week to get it and it took me over three hours to paint it. I was so scared at first, but it turned out better than I imagined.

“I opted for a design centered on waves, because like the sea, I can be calm. I can be restless, and I am blessed to marry someone who not only accepts this, but surfs with it. I also painted my husband’s tie with clouds. We’re both nature lovers so what we wore also reflected that.”

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