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Pranksters in Trouble After Cops Heard They Were Selling “COKE” in the Car.

This is pretty funny.


When a group of teens started asking people if they needed coke because they had some at the back of their van, a number soon began to suspiciously watch them. With no takers to buy their wares – for they were selling out in the open at the beach, in broad daylight – the teens were forlorn.

Then, the cops arrived because someone had reported their suspicious activity…and they were soon questioned.

Naturally, they acted like they didn’t have an idea why the police officers were there, giving monosyllabic answers to the questions asked. They would probably have gotten away with their previous actions if they stayed calm but one of them began to break down and blurted out how they had coke at the back but it was not really theirs.

Already expecting a similar confession, the police officers quickly handcuffed the teens and searched the vehicle…It was only they that they realized they had been pranked.

Watch the tense video below:

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Kudos to these really cool and chill police officers. They know how to take a joke!
Source: NelkFilmz


Aspiring Models Tricked into Doing Commercial for Poop-Scented Perfume!

This gives a whole new meaning to “eau de toilette.”

Making it to the A-List of the modelling and fashion industry is quite a challenge. Factors such as exquisite beauty and exceptional talent are most often considered. However, some aspiring models, in spite of having these qualities, are not that lucky to be able to break into the business.

For commercial models, getting their first big break is like finding a needle in a haystack, as they often have to go through a lot of crappy projects before they ever get 'noticed'.

For this reason, a lot of promising talents join contests to prove that they have what it takes to be part of the industry. Unfortunately, some are tricked into joining pranks. VAT19 pulled the ultimate test for aspiring models, as this group literally offered a 'shitty' job by doing an ad for a new brand of perfume. This perfume, though, is described as 'Liquid Ass dumped into a fancy glass bottle.'

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Pranksters Ask Girls To Ride A Pleasure Machine In Public For Charity, Hilarity Ensues

Watch women ride a Sybian in public… for charity.

The three pranksters behind the Youtube channel called “Simple Pickup” roamed the beach and asked women if they’d ride a pleasure machine right there in public. On normal circumstances, most women would turn down the idea and would probably slap you in the face. But the pranksters came up with a smart idea. Would you ride the machine for a good cause?

The good cause is to help bring awareness and money to help facilitate the end of the horrible practice of female circumcision. And the pleasure machine is the famed Sybian, which apparently works pretty well.

The challenge is like riding a mechanical bull with a fun twist.

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This Guy’s Friend Pulled The Most Epic Organ Theft Prank Ever!

Do you think his friends have gone too far?

Pranks are meant to cause a few good laughs and maybe give a little scare to the 'victims'. These are surefire ways to entertain and sometimes annoy people. They have become so popular that some television shows now feature all types of pranks. There are also tons available on the Internet, but we have to say that the prank below is probably the most extreme!

Pranks are most common among friends, and when one goes too far, expect the victim to seek revenge. In this video, the prankster initially explained that he is going to pull a prank on his friend. Apparently, this friend previously faked the death of the prankster's wife. So, it's time for revenge. The prankster made his victim watch a news report, which he also made himself. The news presented detailed information regarding recent organ theft cases in Tampa Bay. Later that night, they went out to grab some drinks in Tampa Bay, and then THIS happened...

Watch the video:

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