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Pranksters in Trouble After Cops Heard They Were Selling “COKE” in the Car.





When a group of teens started asking people if they needed coke because they had some at the back of their van, a number soon began to suspiciously watch them. With no takers to buy their wares – for they were selling out in the open at the beach, in broad daylight – the teens were forlorn.

Then, the cops arrived because someone had reported their suspicious activity…and they were soon questioned.

Naturally, they acted like they didn’t have an idea why the police officers were there, giving monosyllabic answers to the questions asked. They would probably have gotten away with their previous actions if they stayed calm but one of them began to break down and blurted out how they had coke at the back but it was not really theirs.

Already expecting a similar confession, the police officers quickly handcuffed the teens and searched the vehicle…It was only they that they realized they had been pranked.

Watch the tense video below:

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Kudos to these really cool and chill police officers. They know how to take a joke!
Source: NelkFilmz

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