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In China, Single Women Rent Fake Boyfriends for Fear of Being Labeled as “Left-Over”

In order to satisfy her parents’ wishes, she decided to solve the problem – by going online and renting a fake boyfriend.


Li Chen Xi is a typical Chinese woman. At 27 years old, she has friends, a fulfilling job, and her own place to live. However, despite having all these, her parents are still wanting for more – for her to have a boyfriend. In order to satisfy her parents’ wishes, she decided to solve the problem – by going online and renting a fake boyfriend.

Chen Xi is only one of many Chinese women who are being pressured by its society to marry. Being labeled as “sheng nu”, which translates to “leftover woman”, has negative connotations.

So like other single Chinese women, Chen Xi went online and looked for a fake boyfriend to rent. Looking for fake boyfriends online is no easy feat – and it doesn’t come cheap too. Renting costs about USD 150 per day, with extra charges for cuddling and kissing (but only on the cheek!).

With her fake boyfriend in tow, Chen Xi went home to her parents’ home for the holidays. Watch Chen Xi’s story in the video below:

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To all the ladies out there who are experiencing the same plight as Chen Xi, we just want to let you know that your single-blessedness does not define who you are. As Chen Xi herself said in the video, as long as you’re a good person and you make your parents proud, you’re doing more than just fine in life!


People Pay to be Tortured in this Extreme Haunted House in California

A trip to the McKamey Manor is like living a nightmare.


Are you willing to pay for a bad time?

Apparently, that's the question you need to ask yourself before embarking on a journey inside the McKamey Manor. Located in San Diego, California, this haunted house is not your typical horror house. Instead of the ghouls and ghosts lurking in the shadows and the corners, actors here will gag, bind, and terrorize you for hours on end. Not only that, they can even touch you and lock you up against your will.

When the makers of McKamey Manor built the haunted house, they meant business.

When the makers of McKamey Mansion built the haunted house, the meant business.

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10 ‘Diet’ and ‘Health’ Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy

Don’t be fooled by marketing – check labels and ingredients!

Most of us sure have battled our inner selves with our food choices. There is mounting pressure to eat healthy and pursue healthier lifestyles to avoid diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and the like. Thus, diet and "health" foods are a booming industry.

But are they really healthy? What if it turns out that they can be equally as bad as the junk food we are trying to avoid?

Don't be fooled by marketing - check the labels and ingredients!

Don't be fooled by marketing, check labels and ingredients!

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Crazy New Trend In Tokyo Shows Couples Getting Wrapped In Plastic For Love Photoshoot

This is strangely interesting – and unbelievably risky, too!

Given how crazy the internet is, there’s absolutely no telling what unusual new trend people will come up next.

Well look no further and just scroll down if you’re interested to find out.

As this article’s title tells us, this interesting trend in Tokyo, Japan shows couples willingly getting wrapped in plastic for an interesting photoshoot. Originally conceptualized by artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi, the shoot’s purpose is to demonstrate the unique bond that exists between couples.

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