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In China, Single Women Rent Fake Boyfriends for Fear of Being Labeled as “Left-Over”





Li Chen Xi is a typical Chinese woman. At 27 years old, she has friends, a fulfilling job, and her own place to live. However, despite having all these, her parents are still wanting for more – for her to have a boyfriend. In order to satisfy her parents’ wishes, she decided to solve the problem – by going online and renting a fake boyfriend.

Chen Xi is only one of many Chinese women who are being pressured by its society to marry. Being labeled as “sheng nu”, which translates to “leftover woman”, has negative connotations.

So like other single Chinese women, Chen Xi went online and looked for a fake boyfriend to rent. Looking for fake boyfriends online is no easy feat – and it doesn’t come cheap too. Renting costs about USD 150 per day, with extra charges for cuddling and kissing (but only on the cheek!).

With her fake boyfriend in tow, Chen Xi went home to her parents’ home for the holidays. Watch Chen Xi’s story in the video below:

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To all the ladies out there who are experiencing the same plight as Chen Xi, we just want to let you know that your single-blessedness does not define who you are. As Chen Xi herself said in the video, as long as you’re a good person and you make your parents proud, you’re doing more than just fine in life!

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