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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Announces Finalists – And They’re Truly Hilarious!




  • The comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has revealed the finalists for their 2020 competition.
  • According to Tom Sullam, one of the founders, they ended up choosing 44 – instead of the usual 40 – because this year’s entries were just so good.

“Hilarious” may be the furthest adjective in our minds when we get asked to describe nature. But yes, as you can see on the images below, nature does have a pretty nasty sense of humor!

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recently announced the finalists for their annual competition and we’re absolutely loving what we’re seeing. The entries show a wide range of animals from lions and fishes, to bears and birds, and more.

1. Gosh he looks so pissed!
2. Oh god, please give me some nuts and seeds!
3. What a rebel!
4. If Mater was a fish.
5. Wait guys… I think im gonna hurl!
6. Ah, solitude.
7. Talk to the foot, buddy!
8. When you haven’t got laid in a while.

In an exclusive interview, Awards co-founder Tom Sullam shared that they believe humor can play a big role in helping increase interest and awareness in protecting wildlife.

9. This old age *scratch* is getting to *scratch* me.
10. Mom he started it!!
11. They are hiding something.
12. When you remember the things you did last night drunk.
13. Me after the boyfriend says something I don’t agree on.

Tom explained:

“Over the years, the competition has focused more and more on the conservation, working with the Born Free Foundation and promoting conservation efforts around the world.

“We, without being too preachy, want to get you all, and ourselves, to behave a tiny bit differently towards the world we live in. The smallest effort achieved towards conservation is better than the biggest effort never started!”

14. Travlin’ along, singin’ our song – side by side.
15. Hey man, can I hitch a ride?
16. And then he said “You can’t eat me, I have rights!”
17. C’mon man! Just go so I can sleep under your car.

Tom and the team were expecting a different turn out compared with the previous years due to the restrictions in place because of COVID-19.

18. If i can’t see them they can’t see me.
19. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting Wabbits.
20. I saw the bear doing it so maybe it works.
21. When you stumble across your trunk.
22. When you already busted your nut but she keeps on going.
23. Did I turn the oven off? Yes I did. No wait, did I really turn it off?

Much to their surprise, however, they “received the highest number of entries ever, over 7,000—and the standard across the board has gone up incredibly,” he enthusiastically said. “It has been such a positive response and such an upbeat process to be part of when so many things in 2020 have been so miserable/depressing/disappointing!”

24. Just hangin’ around to see what goes!
25. I just got my hair done. What do you think?
26. I’m never going back to that hair stylist!
27. Quick, quick… take the cookies and move!
28. Who said you can’t smell it if you fart underwater

Needless to say, they had a hard time picking the finalists but after a lot of work, they ended up choosing a total of 4 photos, “which should have been 40 but we just couldn’t reject the other 4,” confessed Tom.

29. Hot, hot, hot this sand is bloody hot.
30. Scariest bike gang ever.
31. TADA, whoops my bikini top came off.
32. Man you sure could use a good mouthwash.
33. This time I will scare the Bgeez out of him.
34.  I’m up here and you can’t catch me.
35. I wouldn’t do that if I were you!
36. Don’t look now, but he’s right behind you!

According to their official website, the winners will be announced on October 22 so lets all stay tuned for that.

37. Now that’s a high level photobomb.
38. Wonder what the joke was and which one of them made it!
39. Well at least you can’t see his nuts.

40. Hey, Phil? Are you gonna share?
41. Mom, not in front of the other kids.
42. And then, Mr Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham stole our last coin out of the Poor Box!
43. Mom, seriously! Make her stop!

In the meanwhile, you can stay updated by following Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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