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Apartment Tenant Complains About ‘Coin-Operated’ Flush On His Toilet





You know what’s more absurd than having to pay to use public toilets? Well, how about a coin-operated flush in your own apartment?

A user of Reddit recently posted photos of this odd money-making machine installed by his landlord.

Source: Reddit

As you can probably guess, he is not pleased about it.

The Reddit user, who hails from Melbourne, Thornbury in Australia, wanted to know if what his landlord did is even legal.

Source: Reddit

He asked:

“I understand in our laundry having to pay for the communal washing machine. But I pay the water bill that goes into my apartment.

“He said it was a government incentive to save water. But then why does he get to collect the money?”

According to the tenant, his neighbors encouraged him to spread the word about what the greedy landlord did.

Source: Reddit

He added:

“I have spoken to my neighbor and she thinks I should call Today Tonight if the rental advice people tell me that it’s not right for my landlord to do this to me.

“I have looked at their website and you can write them an email with your issue. People like him need to be exposed.”

While others offered advice about what he could do about the problem, some are obviously not convinced by his claims. “I’m trying to work out how it would even mechanically operate? C’mon dudes,” one netizen commented.

Do you think this coin-operated toilet is true? If this happened to you, how would you react about it? Do sound off in our comment section!

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