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Meet Codey Rocky, The Robot That Teaches Your Kids To Code





Parents, take note. There’s one cool toy robot out there today that’s more than just a plaything – it can also teach your kids with coding skills.

Meet Codey Rocky, an awesome robot that’s been designed to help young children learn coding and AI. Its combination of “easy-to-use robotics hardware with graphical programming” makes it easy for youngsters to learn the basics in the world of coding.

Codey Rocky is “an entry-level coding robot for STEM education, suitable for children ages 6 and up.”

Source: Makeblock

According to its Kickstarter page, Codey Rocky is actually two robots in one.

We read:

“Codey is the detachable controller that holds all the magic. It includes more than 10 electronic modules that can be controlled via code. Rocky is the car that lets you take Codey anywhere you want, so that your clever programs can be run everywhere.”

Codey Rocky allows users to create interactive games, make music, receive and display weather reports, and much, much more.

Source: Makeblock
Ideas become reality with Codey Rocky.

Source: Makeblock

With it, a kid can easily create his or her first program by dragging and dropping code blocks.

Eventually, he or she can progress into advanced coding.

Makeblock, the team behind the interesting invention, aims to improve education with the use of robots and drones.

Source: Makeblock

The page further tells us:

“Codey Rocky comes with more than 10 integrated and programmable modules and mBlock 5, the latest version of our graphical programming platform that also supports advanced Python programming. The seamless integration of software with robotics hardware means that kids of all ages can start coding in minutes and instantly see the results of their code by interacting with Codey Rocky.”

Watch the video here and see the robot in action:

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If this sounds pretty interesting to you, go ahead and check out Codey Rocky over at Kickstarter.

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