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Clever Dad Tricks His Baby Into Eating His Veggies – And It’s Entertaining!

How do you make sure your children eat their greens? This is how one cool dad did it!

Can you imagine how difficult it is for parents to feed babies who hate green beans or any other vegetable for that matter?

Feeding time may feel more like a creativity challenge for those moms and dads. And they are probably always trying to think of new ways to hide those veggies and get their kids to open their mouths.

If you have the same predicament with your child, and if you’ve tried the usual airplane or train (or whatever vehicle you can think of) method and the food only end up catapulting in the air, you might want to try this approach.

Charles Only came up with a clever way to trick his youngster into feasting on some mashed green beans. He used his amazing voice to sing an appetizing melody that made his baby forget about his greens and just enjoy his meal.

Watch the video:

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It’s pretty cool, right? If you decide to try this, and if you find out that your child isn’t going to be your fan, well, you can always turn the radio on.


Parents and Their Children Claim They Will Never Stop Kissing Each Other on the Lips

Is it really inappropriate to kiss your children on the mouth?


Do you kiss your children on the lips? And how do you usually react when you see a grown man or woman still kissing their parents on the mouth?

According to Dr. Charlotte Reznick, author of The Power Of Your Child's Imagination, the lips are an “erogenous zone, and feel-good chemicals that are associated with sexual arousal - including serotonin and oxytocin - are released through lip-kissing.”

Therefore, she said it’s wrong for parents to kiss their children on the mouth---at any age---because it’s excessively sexual. Dr. Reznick, a child analyst from UCLA even warns parents that “a pure peck on the lips could cause a confusion for their child,” the Parent Herald reports....

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Korean Girl Spends Her Time Eating Food in Front of a Camera and Earns $9000 per Month

Who would have thought that recording yourself while eating can raise a monthly income of $ 9,000 or more.


Nowadays with the internet reaching almost everyone and everywhere in the world, it has become a part of our daily lives to surf the web, watch, do research, play games or talk with friends and family online.

A lot of people earn money with the use of internet. There are those who put up websites that sells products and services, some create apps and games which catch the interest of many consumers, others do tutorials while some are devoted to vloging or creating short films.

There’s a long list on how to make money online but can you think of an extra ordinary way of earning money through the internet?...

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Netizens Lash Out At Woman Who Says People Judge Her Because She Is ‘Pretty’

Needless to say, there’s an ugly backlash against her.


Most of us admire attractive men and women who honestly don't care about how they look. Personally, I think they're even more admirable when they’re not aware of how strikingly gorgeous they are. It's a quality that makes them even more appealing. Well, that’s just my opinion.

But have you ever heard of someone who thinks that she's too pretty that the beauty she possesses has become more like a burden?

This girl claims to have such a dilemma. And when she wrote an essay about it, the netizens were less than sympathetic....

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