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Clever Raccoon Discovers The Most Annoying Way To Get Food From Humans





We can always find a raccoon in our backyard waiting for food or a chance to get fed. They may not be domesticated and they are not popular as pets, but these cute creatures are surely clever.

They actually look like masked bandits, and they actually live up to that. They hunt for food wherever and whenever they have a chance. They use their senses to hunt for food and their paws to move things around them. They can even open a garbage can just to scavenge left-over food.

But there’s one raccoon that isn’t just cute or clever. Rocksy the Raccoon is even demanding! You see, he uses this special weapon and won’t stop knocking on Zoosie’s window until he gets what he wants.

Rocksy uses a rock to knock on Zoosie’s door.


Photo credit: imgur

And Zoosie says Rocksy’s strategy is actually effective.

How does Rocksy do it?

Watch this:

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Zoosie’s right. I’d also just give Rocksy food than have a broken window.

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