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Clever Raccoon Discovers The Most Annoying Way To Get Food From Humans

Meet Rocksy, the clever, rock-knocking raccoon.


We can always find a raccoon in our backyard waiting for food or a chance to get fed. They may not be domesticated and they are not popular as pets, but these cute creatures are surely clever.

They actually look like masked bandits, and they actually live up to that. They hunt for food wherever and whenever they have a chance. They use their senses to hunt for food and their paws to move things around them. They can even open a garbage can just to scavenge left-over food.

But there’s one raccoon that isn’t just cute or clever. Rocksy the Raccoon is even demanding! You see, he uses this special weapon and won’t stop knocking on Zoosie’s window until he gets what he wants.

Rocksy uses a rock to knock on Zoosie’s door.


Photo credit: imgur

And Zoosie says Rocksy’s strategy is actually effective.

How does Rocksy do it?

Watch this:

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Zoosie’s right. I’d also just give Rocksy food than have a broken window.

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This Tortoise Just Made it to the Guinness World Records for Being the Fastest Tortoise Ever!

This tortoise can really go fast!

We know tortoises are one of the slowest creatures. They are even slower than turtles! That's how we know them, and there's even a fable dedicated to how slow they are in the story, "The Tortoise and the Hare". But there's one who has been set apart from all other tortoises by setting a record that's Guinness World Records-worthy.

He isn't just your regular tortoise. He loves strawberries and likes his girlfriend Shelly a lot. They spend most of their time together when he's not walking around the Adventure Valley Park in Durham, UK. He may seem like an ordinary tortoise, but when he walks, he surely goes fast!

Meet Bertie, the World's fastest tortoise


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GoPro Camera Tied To A German Shepherd Shows What Happens in a Puppy Pool Party

Ever wonder what happens during a doggy swim?


Early this year, couple Keith Knittel and Ashley Brown attached a GoPro camera to Lola, their beloved four-year-old German Shepherd to see what a day in a dog’s life is really like.

Amazed by what they saw, the couple then decided to see what happens during a doggy swim. The couple once again set up a GoPro on Lola before letting her take the plunge at a pool party in Lakewood Dog Park in Ohio. Both humans and dogs get to participate in the annual puppy pool party making the event more interesting.

Initially, Lola was a bit apprehensive to take a dip and just opted to hang out with humans on dry land. But after gathering enough courage to take the plunge, Lola proved what a great swimmer she is.  Aside from making plenty of splashes, Lola made new friends at the event. At one point, Lola even had the guts to conquer the diving board.

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See How This Little French Girl Spent The First Ten Years Of Her Life In The African Wilderness

“Her everyday life was making sure monkeys did not steal her bottle.”

The pictures of a French girl who grew up playing with wild animals like lion cubs, meerkat, snakes, and cheetah, are now out. Christened with the name Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degre, this real-life Mowgli is the child of two French wildlife photographers, Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre. She was born in Namibia and stayed in the African bush for ten years. Her mother said that it was a magical advanture to see and Tippi was blessed to have the chance to experience it.

“It was magical to be able to be free in this nature with this child. She was a very lucky little girl – she was born and raised until the age of 10 totally in the wild,” her mother said.

Meerkat whisper.

wild tod - 06

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