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This Raccoon’s Big Brother Gets Nervous When He Swims in the Pool





Our big brothers and sisters have this instinct to protect us. Sometimes, they’re just overprotective, right? Just when we are about to have fun, they get in the way and spoil it!

It’s the same for Waylon and Willy. These two pet raccoons are as close as brothers could be. Waylon is the daring little brother, and Willy is the overprotective big brother.

What’s supposed to be a fun swim for Waylon was cut short as his big brother Willy panics when he gets into the water. You will see Willy shaking as he seems to be telling Waylon to get off the water. And that’s what Waylon did, after almost a minute of swim, the poor raccoon listened to his big brother. You will see Willy trying to pull Waylon out of the pool. It’s absolutely hilarious!

Watch the full video here:

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Good thing Waylon is a good swimmer. Imagine Willy getting a heart attack if Waylon drowned!

So did Waylon and Willy remind you of how you are with your siblings? Leave a comment below.

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