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Clever Duck Helps Little Boy Retrieve Lost Slipper




  • A clever duck proved that it is just as smart as any dog when it helped a little boy retrieve his lost slipper.
  • The white duck struggled to collect the slipper that had fallen down a ravine.
  • Nevertheless, it continued trying to pick up the slipper and return it to its worried owner.

You can usually train a dog to fetch your slippers after a long day at work. However, a clever duck proved that it could learn the same trick. The friendly quacker went out of its way to retrieve a little boy’s slipper after it fell from the child’s foot. Although it was a difficult task, the duck finally managed to get the slipper back to its owner.

The video of the smart duck was taken in the town of Francisco in Quezon, Philippines. It shows the duck struggling to pick up the little boy’s slipper which had fallen down a ravine. The duck repeatedly tried to bring the slipper back to the child although it kept falling from its beak.

Watch the awesome video below:

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It was a daunting task for the duck, which would struggle to pick up the slipper and manage to bring it up to the boy only to drop it at the last minute. Nevertheless, it persisted, trying to find a good angle to collect the slipper and raise it up to the child.

The slipper kept falling back but the duck never gave up.

In the end, the duck was able to raise the slipper high enough so the boy could grab it. As soon as the slipper was retrieved, the boy rejoiced and the duck seemed just as happy to be done with the task.

Amazingly, the duck didn’t even belong to the little boy!

According to Myla Aguila, who had uploaded the video on Facebook, she was surprised to see the duck trying to help the little boy. This is why she decided to share the video with the rest of the world.

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