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Awesome App Helps You Find Solutions To Your Problems Within Your Neighborhood





Need help for a minor household problem but you’re just too shy to bother your neighbor about it? Well this incredible app has you covered!

Chummy is an app you can use to ask people for help, particularly those who are living nearby. As the app’s official website tells us, Chummy is actually aiming to help people “develop real-life connections, based on trust and mutual support within your city.”

Chummy believes “there is a hero in each of us.”

Source: Chummy

So how does the app exactly work? According to a feature by the Good News Network, Chummy users can post about anything they might need, “whether it’s borrowing a cat carrier, renting a car spot for a month, moving houses, or searching for a lost pet.”

The app’s other users in the community can then see the posts and offer assistance, whenever appropriate.

Source: Chummy

What sets the app apart from social media communities, according to the website is this:

“Chummy makes possible what other social media networks do not: It helps people to develop real-life connections, based on trust and mutual support within your city.

“Reciprocal help, kind hearts and open minds are our pillars.”

The company even describes the app “like the ‘Bat Signal’ in the real world.”

Source: Chummy

They hope that through Chummy, “caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward” will get connected, thus, “making the world a better place.”

Watch the video here to learn more about this awesome app:

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Chummy was launched for back in 2016 and since then, the app now has around 65,000. Indeed, the app has proven that problems are easily solved “when we involve the right people.”

The app is available for free download on both Google Play and iTunes. For further information, you may also visit the official Chummy website.

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