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Chinese Police Release Unexpected Viral Video On How To Survive A Knife Attack

They made a valid point.

Seldom do you see a video that can gather 16 million views unless it has a unique selling point or it is just plain funny.

This video from the Chinese Police happened to be both. A 13-second video was released, teaching the viewers how to survive a knife-wielding assailant.

Surprisingly, the video made sense.

Source: Twitter

The video from the Chinese police started with a serious looking officer standing in front of three fellow officers standing at attention.

“Today, we will teach you what to do when you encounter a knife-wielding assailant,” he said to the camera.

The camera then turns to focus on the assailant.

Source: Twitter

The knife-wielding assailant poses his menacing stance as he appears to be threatening to stab the officer. Now, this is the part the got the people’s attention. Are you curious about what the officer will do?

Help!! Police Officer!!

Source: Twitter

When the camera pans back to the police officer he was long gone. He ran while he was screaming for help. Quite the sensible thing to do, don’t you think?

We don’t think anyone will ever argue. The Shiyan police department also thinks so.

“Normal people should deal with knife attackers this way. This is very practical — everyone must learn this method!”

The Longyang district branch of Boashan city police in Yunnan province made the video and posted it onto Hubei Shiyan police department’s official Weibo account.

Watch the hilarious video below:

Since they posted their public service announcement on their page, it has already been viewed over 16 million times. Some people believe that the Chinese got the idea for their video from a similar one posted in the US just last month.

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Embarrassed Mom Rescued by Firemen After Getting STUCK in Child’s Swing

You bet she won’t be going on a child’s swing any time soon!

This is the embarrassing moment when a young mother had to be rescued by firemen after she gets stuck in a child’s swing. 23-year-old Megan Kenway-Head got trapped in the seat while she was at the playground of Weston Shore in Southampton, Engalnd with her family.

“Me and my family were enjoying a day out on bank holiday weekend and I decided to take the kids to the park,” the mother-of-two shared. Things, however, took a strange turn when she rode on the swing herself.

Stuck for over ONE hour – until the firemen arrived.


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Cool Elevators With Designs That Will Make You Stop and Stare

Elevators are boring, you say? You clearly haven’t seen these yet!

Design-wise, elevators are usually plain and boring – unless, of course, creative people are in charge. Case in point, the photos below show us what exactly happens when the iconic elevator is given a makeover, whether it’s a minor or a major one.

Apparently, adding a bit of fun plus some interesting functionality could mean the elevator experience will never be the same again. Ever seen an aquarium elevator? Or one shaped like a pill?

Go scroll down below and see for yourself: ...

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13 Of The Most Brutally Honest Mother’s Day Cards EVER

These greetings are so savage – especially #2!

Celebrated annualy, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show appreciation and love for the greatest women in our lives – our mothers. This is the day when they are treated like queens by giving them flowers, treating them to a fancy dinner, and generally letting them enjoy the day (through having a massage or spa, maybe?).

Of course, you can also go old school by sending them Mother’s Day greeting cards. Let’s face it, simple greeting cards are often more effective compared with an SMS or a Facebook message.

If you want to spice up your greetings a bit, you might want to consider the following Mother’s Day cards below. Compiled by Oddee, these greetings are definitely the most brutal and most hilarious at the same time....

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