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Chinese Plane Passenger Arrested After Opening Emergency Door To “Get Fresh Air”

Somebody finally did it.

One plane passenger in China has been detained for opening the emergency door as he was waiting to leave the aircraft. According to the man, he did it because he felt “stuffy”.

Only identified in the reports as Chen, the man’s surname, the passenger was about to disembark at the Mainyang Nanjiao Airport in Sichuan Province, China. While waiting, he thought he wanted some fresh air and so he opened the emergency exit.

25-year-old Chen was returning from Hainan island. He apparently felt “stuffy” so he opened the emergency door.

Chen later shared:

“Because it was so stuffy, so hot on the plane, I just pushed down on the window handle beside me. When the door fell out, I panicked.”

After pulling a handle, the entire “wall” collapsed and he accidentally activated the emergency escape slide.

The passenger ended up being detained by the authorities for 15 days.

After the police have been alerted, Chen was immediately detained for his action. He will also be fined 70,000 yuan (or US$11,000) to “cover the airline’s costs,” reported South China Morning Post. On top of that, the man will likely be added on China’s travel black list.

The airline, which refused to be named, said that they are ready to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigations. “Before each take off, flight attendants inform passengers about safety precautions,” the airline pointed out.

Meanwhile, many are pointing out that, no, this isn’t the first time a Chinese passenger was involved in a flight mishap. For example, some of us may remember that elderly woman who threw coins at the engine of a China Southern Airlines plane. The act, which the woman said she did for “good luck”, caused a flight delay that lasted for several hours – and the evacuation of 150 passengers.

So yeah, this should be a reminder for everyone. If you have crazy things in mind, don’t do it on a plane as you will likely end up regretting it.


Japanese Cosplayer Hits Viral Fame Because of Her Massive Thighs!

This is why you should never skip leg day.

As any experienced cosplayer will tell you, a good cosplay takes more than just wearing a nice costume. AOn top of that, you likewise have to look the part and capture the personality of the character.

For these reasons and more, one female wrestler from Japan recently gained viral fame on social media because of her brilliant portrayal of Chun-Li - a character from popular video game series Street Fighter.

She looks like the perfect embodiment of Chun-Li.


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Woman’s Rare Disorder Makes Her Hungry All The Time

It’s a real, incurable condition that leads to multiple health problems.

While food is important to keep the body strong and healthy, we all know that excessive eating can actually lead to several health problems. This is why Alex Brown’s condition is a difficult one.

Now 25 years of age, Alex of Paso Robles, California has a rare disorder similar to Prader-Wili syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes constant hunger and often leads to obesity. At some point, her parents had to lock up the fridge because she always steals food.

According to the doctors, Alex has most (but not all) of the symptoms of Prader-Wili syndrome.


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97-Year-Old Grandma Still Rocking It At Weightlifting Competitions

So what’s your excuse now?

Staying physically fit is important both for the young and old. And it’s always inspiring whenever we hear stories about seniors who still take the time and do their best to keep at it.

That’s why the internet is definitely impressed with Edith Traina from Florida in the United States. The 97-year-old woman recently received a lot of love and attention on social media because of her mind-blowing strength and stamina.

Definitely stronger than your typical grandmother!


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