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Gigantic Crab Entertainment Center In China Looks Real With Its Hairy Features

There’s something new to see in China and you might want to indulge on some crab meals after you witness the wonders of this realistic, giant hairy-crab building.


China is continuously putting in an effort to become a leader in the construction industry throughout the world. It now boasts fancy building projects like its world-renowned Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental which is a hotel-resort situated in an abandoned, below ground level quarry. Yet it is once again surprising the world with its new structure that’s definitely Instagram-worthy.

The hairy crab was eliminated from Chinese restaurant menus in 2016, but it is now making a big come back in a form of a building! Netizens are amazed with the photos circulating online of this hairy crab structure erected next to the Yangcheng Lake in Kunshan, East China’s Jiangsu province. Architects came up with the crab design as the said lake sees a catch of more than 2,000 tons of Chinese mitten crabs which is a sought after autumn delicacy that has signature furry cuffs around their claws.

This aerial view of the hairy crab building in China would make you want to order some mitten crab meals in the area.

Source: facebook
The structure will serve as a museum and leisure and entertainment center.

Source: facebook
The structure boasts realistic crab features.

Source: facebook

The gigantic crab building spreads at 75 meters wide and stands at 16 meters tall. Architects breathe life into the structure with a cyan stainless steel back, white belly, gold claws and yellow hair features. It will serve as an entertainment and leisure center where hairy-crab related activities will be held. The facility is still undergoing construction and is yet to be opened in the second half of 2018.

China is known for its innovative construction and infrastructure projects. It is quickly turning its urban areas into megacities with its impressive megastructures. The country has already achieved so much when it comes to its construction industry, and it is undeniable that China houses some of the biggest engineering projects in the entire world.

Even the colors depict a real mitten crab.

Source: facebook
And for travelers who are already excited to see the artistic building, it will be opened to public mid-next year.

Source: facebook

We saw the first ever 3D-printed house in Beijing, and now the world is starting to embrace the trend. Its $176 million Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory is a one of a kind research facility. One of the biggest dams and longest bridges and tunnels are also in the country. With more and more awe-inspiring structures being erected in China, it is indeed not far that the country will achieve its vision on becoming a giant in the word’s megaproject industry.


Italian Mayor Offers Cash Rewards to Those Who’ll Move to His Quaint Village

There have been a few takers so far.

One public servant in Italy is keen on restoring the glory of his idyllic little village. Italian Mayor Nicola Gatta has made an offer that might be hard to refuse. He's giving away cash rewards of up to €2,000 ($2,350) to anyone who's willing to relocate to the small village of Candela at the east coast of the Puglia region in Italy.

Candela was very popular in the 1990s. It was previously called "Little Naples" for its crowded streets that were full of life. But its popularity has drastically dropped in recent years. From a population of 8,000, there are now only an estimated 2,700 residents in Candela. The mayor fears the small village might one day turn into one of Italy's numerous ghost towns.

Mayor Gatta hopes that the cash rewards on offer will entice Italians and foreigners to reside in his humble town.

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First Underwater Restaurant Extending To Sea Bottom To Be Built In Europe

After the underwater laboratories, tunnels and hotel rooms, now comes the first underwater restaurant to be built in Norway.

Everyone who has read or watched any sort of science fiction has probably thought about how cool it would be to live in an underwater facility. For the past couple of years, people have actually been trying to live that fantasy with the underwater labs, tunnels, and hotel rooms successfully extended under bodies of water. Most of these projects are in the United States and their success rates have opened other continents to experiment on their very own underwater structures.

Architects are continuously becoming creative when it comes to designing structures. From light and airy to damp and dark, they now make any location possible for habitat. European architects are now up for the challenge on putting up the continent’s very first underwater restaurant.

Prepare to book a reservation in Europe's first ever underwater restaurant

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10 Beautiful Places To Visit When In Italy

When it comes to the gorgeous places in Italy, the list could go on.

Italy is one of the prettiest countries in the world. The place is where you can find cities filled with captivating art, breathtaking coastlines, and stunning landscapes. You can even travel down the countryside and randomly come across exquisite scenes.

When it comes to the beautiful places in Italy, the list could go on. But here are 10 of them that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the boot-shaped country, according to Scott Balaam for the Global Grasshopper, who spent three years living there.

#1. Cinque Terre

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