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U.S. Accuses China of Sending “Hundreds Of Thousands” of Chinese Abroad To Spread COVID-19




  • U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade adviser accused China for “deliberately” spreading coronavirus by sending hundreds of thousands of Chinese abroad.
  • He also claimed that China hid and created the virus, which eventually killed over 100,000 Americans.

In a CNN interview, President Donald Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro claimed that China sent sick Chinese travelers to spread the novel coronavirus worldwide. Navarro made the allegations when a CNN reporter asked if the president is prepared for a second wave of the virus.

Before accusing China, Navarro said “of course you prepare for what can possibly happen”, referring to a possible second wave of COVID-19.

“China created this virus, they hid the virus, and they sent over hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens here to spread that around and around the world,” Navarro said.

He also insisted that whatever the intention, it was a fact that China started and spread the virus.

“Whether they did that on purpose — that’s an open question. But that’s a fact,” Trump’s Trade adviser added.

The two-year tension between United States and China reignited a month ago over responsibility on the origin and spread of COVID-19. Trump lashed out at Chinese President Xi Jinping accusing China of “mass worldwide killing.” He also added that China is incompetent in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Navarro also said that China is “guilty until proven innocent”.

He reiterated what Trump said that the virus came from China and that they are responsible for the pandemic that affected numerous countries.

“The virus came out of China. The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for it,” Navarro said.

He also added:

“They spawned the virus in China, they hid it for two months, and they killed over 100,000 Americans”.

Recently, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen also accused China for starting the deadly virus. Cardinal Zen reiterated that the COVID-19 virus originated in Wuhan and blamed the swift spread of the virus to “globalization.”

He also pointed out that the spread of the virus could have been contained if its origin communicated the outbreak early since we are living in a time when news can be passed along much faster.

“The fact is (the) pandemic started in China and it spread quickly over the whole world,” Cardinal Zen said.

Trump also recently lashed out on the World Health Organization for alleged mishandling of the deadly disease. He said that China failed to admit their mistakes.

Wuhan, China, the original epicenter of the virus, only reported the first case in November. However, China continuously denied the accusation, explaining that the virus came to the country from overseas.

“The virus strain is the major epidemic strain in European countries. So it is from outside China brought to Beijing,” Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou said.

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