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Cardinal In HK Says The “Pandemic Started In China”

He directly linked the pandemic to China’s “lies and violence” and imperialist ambition.

  • Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen took it to Twitter to share a statement he made during an online forum.
  • He said that China started the pandemic and the communist country become a “threat to the world”.
  • Cardinal Zen also said that the “world disaster” of the pandemic has become an awakening for everybody.

Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen shared on his Twitter account a statement he gave in an online forum. The video conference was about the “Post-Pandemic Humanity.”

Entitled “Post Pandemic Globalization: The Role of China and the United States — Analysis and Action”, Cardinal Zen directly linked the coronavirus pandemic to China’s “lies and violence” and imperialist ambition.

“The fact is (the) pandemic started in China and it spread quickly over the whole world,” Cardinal Zen said.

China and Globalization

In his Twitter account, he said this post was a short reflection on the “tragic reality” of the coronavirus pandemic. He also described the virus as the “apocalyptic dimension causing incalculable loss of lives and economic resources.”

“We don’t see the end of it yet,” Cardinal Zen added.

However, Cardinal Zen likewise suggested that experts and stakeholders should start discussing and analyzing the “obvious facts.” In that way, policy makers can prepare for the “rebuilding” of the society and future defenses for disaster.

Cardinal Zen reiterated that the COVID-19 virus originated in Wuhan, China. Likewise, he blamed the swift spread of the virus to “globalization.”

He also pointed out that the spread of the virus could have been contained if its origin communicated the outbreak early since we are living in a time when news can be passed along much faster.

“The modern progress in communication could provide timely alarm and contain that spreading. Obviously something went wrong,” he said.

In a recent Elite Readers article entitled: “Let’s admit it, Coronavirus is ‘made in China”, we read that Beijing failed to disclose about the virus for more than two weeks. The virus started infecting people in December 2019, but it was only during the last week of January when China announced about the outbreak in Wuhan. The Sydney Morning Herald Political and International editor Peter Hartcher said in a short period of secrecy, the virus started to scatter throughout China and the world.

China’s lies and violence

Cardinal Zen said the “world disaster” caused by the pandemic, became a great “awakening for everybody”.

“Against China’s lies and violence, the world should uphold the truth. Now we realize how more important is the truth, our right to information and the freedom of expression,” he said.

Watch the timeline of the novel coronavirus here:

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Men Are More Effective Grocery Shoppers Than Women In Times During COVID-19, Japanese Official Says

“Men quickly grab what they’re told to buy so they won’t linger at the supermarket — that avoids close contact with others.”

  • Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui told his citizens that men should start doing the grocery in the time of pandemic, as women often take their time when buying items.
  • Matsui said by doing so, the country reduces the risk of increased coronavirus infection.
  • His advice, however, received public backlash, criticizing him of knowing nothing about daily life.

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New UK Law Makes All Adults in England Automatically Organ Donors

One becomes an automatic donor, unless he or she opted-out before death.

  • The law was named "Max and Keira's Law" after Keira Ball whose organs were donated and helped save four people's lives.
  • All adults will be assumed organ donors after their death, unless they opted out of it.
  • Keira's parents hope that the government will educate people about the issue pf organ transplant.

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Anti-Parasitic Drug Killed COVID-19 Within 48 Hours, Australian Scientists Discovered

“We found that even a single dose could essentially remove all viral RNA by 48 hours and that even at 24 hours there was a really significant reduction in it,” said a doctor.

  • Scientists in Australia found that a common anti-parasitic drug killed coronavirus in the laboratory within 48 hours.
  • Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the drug called Ivermectin is often used to treat people suffering from HIV, dengue, influenza, and zika virus.
  • Apparently, a single dose of Ivermectin can stop COVID-19 growing in cell culture, effectively and efficiently killing all genetic materials of the virus within two days.

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