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Child Safety Video Reveals the Danger of Furniture and TV Tip-Over

Everyone should know this.






Babies and young children are generally playful. They are extremely curious and they tend to explore their surroundings enthusiastically. However, with this ardent curiosity comes a huge safety risk.

It is not uncommon to witness children do something dangerous, such as climb high trees or eat something that is not supposed to be eaten. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, more than one million children under the age of fifteen suffer from home injuries in the United Kingdom, with children aged five and below being more prone to home injuries.

Nearly all accidents that occur at home can be avoided by identifying the risks and applying safety measures accordingly. Yes, it is common sense for parents to make sure that their house is child-friendly, and yes, it is really a prudent practice, but a few reminders won’t really hurt.

The video that you are about to see demonstrates a likely scenario at home, how it can end really wrong, and more importantly, how it can be prevented and make sure that your child is safe.

Watch the informative video:

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It never hurts to use safety precautions at home, especially when your child’s safety is a concern. No matter how careful you are as a parent, there might just be some things that you never thought can ever happen. These valuable tips might just save your child’s life.

Do you have other helpful tips that you can share to other parents? Share them in the comment section below.

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Meet The Badass Female MMA Fighter Who is Undefeated and Ridiculously Hot!

You wouldn’t want to mess with this girl.

Jessa Ventures



Every woman's success story is a result of her determination and struggle to prove to the world that women are equally capable and strong as men. Leaving remarkable names, respected titles and dominating  different fields which used to have a room for men alone, women are just unstoppable. Another  young female is about to prove us that so get ready to swoon.

The 21-year-old Alexa Grasso is making a name in Mixed Martial Arts as a Female Mexican Fighter who is currently undefeated with 4 knockouts under her belt and  a record of 6-0-0 (win-loss-draw). This badass fighter decided to pursue her career in MMA after attending a match with his uncle who has been his coach since she started.

How she managed to balance both her work and studies is yet another striking fact about Alexa. She is currently a college student with a specialization in morphology, quite impressive like her built at 5'5" , weighing 115 pounds with that sexy abs, well toned muscles and a pretty face.

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Family SHOCKS Everyone When They Did THIS On The Subway! OMG!

According to organizers, the hilarious event is meant to be a positive thing to make people laugh and smile.

Bernadette Carillo



It was just a typical day for a subway ride until a bunch of “hippies” started dropping their pants off! Nope they are not yet on the limbo nor did they take that crack. They’re the Improv Everywhere (IE), a comedy group who nailed the “No Pants Subway Ride”. So why did they do it? Simple. Make a good laugh out of dropping their pants and flaunt their best undies and boxers while riding the subway in New York.

With the disturbing growth of negativity almost worldwide, blossoming gimmicks and pranks are very rampant nowadays. It was at the year 2002 when Charlie Todd, founder of the IE that their “epidemia” became contagious and went hilariously outrageous. Starting with only a few number now runs with a digit of 4,000 followers primarily in New York alone. The same stunt is now being practiced in 60 cities in over 25 countries.

Kevin Mitra, a Filipino-American among the strippers believes in the concept of IE and quoted “If you ride the subway on a regular day you will see grim faces and the concept of the No Pants Subway Ride is to bring a little joy, bring a little humor and hilarity to the daily lives of people who ride the subway.”

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Who Pays The Bill On The First Date? How These Teens Settled Their Bill Is Plain Hilarious

Girls love guys who pay. But some don’t.




Valentine's Day is literally just around the corner, and most people will definitely plan to go out on a date on this very special day. Most couples do something special on their Valentines date - something that they don't normally do on a weekend. They may go to a really fancy restaurant and splurge, or they may decide to experience nature and go on that perpetually-postponed camping trip.  For most couples, dating during Valentines Day helps keep the flame of romance burning. It is a chance for them to show their commitment, and an opportunity to make their significant other feel special, appreciated, and most of all, loved.


Photo credit: TheNextWeb

However, going out on a date as a couple and dating for the first time are entirely two different things. Those who have been dating for the tenth, or the fifteenth, or the two hundred and fifty seventh time are already comfortable with each other and most likely have their expectations set. But what about those who will be going out on their first date? Nearly all people who go out on first dates wish to impress the people that they are going out with, so they will try to make everything memorable and save up for that special day.

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