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Watch CCTV Footage Show How A Car Accidentally Pulls Carpet And Violently Throws Woman





One unfortunate thing about accidents is that, by nature, they can happen at the most unexpected of times. That’s why it can really be hard to prevent them in most cases.

These incidents usually lead to damage or injury and such is the case with this story.

Originally shared online by LiveLeak, the CCTV footage below shows us a woman being violently thrown to the ground after a car accidentally sucks the carpet she was standing on.

In Turkey, this poor woman was violently thrown to the ground after a car’s wheel accidentally sucks the carpet under her.

cctv footage turkey car accident

Source: YouTube

This strange accident happened in Turkey and in the short clip, we see the unnamed woman standing at the entrance of an establishment (we’re not entirely sure if it’s a house or a business). She was standing on an outdoor rug when a car suddenly maneuvered in the driveway and, in just a matter of seconds, one of the vehicle’s wheels unexpectedly sucked the carpet in.

As a result, the poor woman fell really hard to the ground. Fortunately, she was not alone when the accident happened. Her companion immediately rushed to her aid and then we’re left guessing what happened next.

Watch the freak car accident video here:

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Honestly, I did not see that coming. We’re hoping that the woman didn’t have any serious injuries because of this accident. So far, I think this footage just proves to us that accidents can indeed happen at any given time and at any given place.

Let’s all be careful, people!

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