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He Films His Wife By The Beach But When She Turns Around… My Jaw Dropped!

Definitely brought me tears and a smile…


Women are used to doing most of the ‘mushy’ stuff like love letters, scrapbooks filled with photos, notes and memorabilia. We also want everything documented and recorded and we’re very particular with important dates and events. Men, on the other hand are less likely to do these things but that doesn’t make them less romantic and loving. They have their own ways–entirely different from ours but that make us love them more anyway just like this guy here.

Casey Neistat, a filmmaker honors his girlfriend, now wife Candice Pool with probably one of the sweetest documentaries ever. It features a short film of their love story for the past eight years. Random and raw moments were captured from their early years as a couple including their first date, Casey’s proposal until the time that they got married.

The cutest part for me was Casey’s honest admission of his mistakes saying he was sorry or Candice was right about something. He is fond of recording their moments together or Candice’s on the beach and there’s no other perfect way to end the film and reveal the couple’s great surprise with Candice’s beautiful shot by the beach showing her ‘baby bump’–truly breathtaking.

Watch the romantic video:

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Credits: Casey Neistat, SFGlobe



I Can’t Believe How Fast this Guy Can Load a Dishwasher. Whoa!

Serious plate-washing skills…

For most people, washing the dishes is probably the most horrendous household chore ever! Oh well, we hear you. But while we want to sympathize with your agony, we beg to do the opposite. This is because we found this video of an amazing man who can clean up the dishes in 1-2-3, and we hope this could ignite an inspiration or two for those of you who loathe the task.

Have you ever imagined yourself being able to stack up piles of plates into the dishwasher in a matter of seconds? We are sure you haven't. That is why this video will truly left you all in awe.

Watch the video below:

Ridiculous, isn't it? His talent is truly unbelievable, and we can't help but be jealous. I wonder how much practice, and how many plates were cracked before he was able to perfect that talent?

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Badass Texas Marine Sergeant Spent His Vacation Time Shooting ISIS Terrorists.

You will never guess why he did it… on his own!

Sergeant Patrick Maxwell of the marine corps departed from the service a couple of years ago. He was given an honorable discharge when he left. However, he left the country and flew to the Middle East early this year to face the ISIS alone.

According to the Texas Standard, “Back in the U.S., the debate continues about how best to deal with the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” “But for some veterans the time for talk is over. Unknown numbers of American war vets have taken up with foreign fighters battling ISIS,” the report concluded.

When asked why he wanted to face ISIS alone, Sergeant Patrick Maxwell said:

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Ever Heard of This Weird-Looking Fish with Human-like Teeth, Known as Testicle Biters?

This is probably the closest fish next to human genetics.

Mom did not warn us to stay close to the shore unless we are up to finding whatever lies in the deep. Explorers have recently made a discovery of new specie that might be the closest to the human kind. Meet Pacu, probably a close relative of a Sheephead!

These creepy looking fish is found lurking from South America, to Brazil and Florida. Nonetheless, they can also be found in the freshwater Amazon Rivers and Streams.

Although the Pacus have a close resemblance with the Piranhas, their jaw alignment actually differs. Piranhas come with pointed and sharper teeth while the Pacus have squarer, straighter teeth, like a human, causing either a less severe underbite or a slight overbite. A full-grown pacu are also much larger than piranha, reaching up to 0.9 m (3 feet) and 25 kg (55 pounds) in the wild.

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