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Cards Against Muggles Game Card is the New Must-Have for Harry Potter Fans

This Harry Potter version of Card Against Humanity will surely make you laugh.

Anne Dominguez





Potterheads should include this ridiculous card game in their prized Harry Potter collection. A group of Harry Potter fans created a new version of Cards Against Humanity depicting J.K. Rowling’s famous novel – the so-called “Card Against Muggles.”

The Cards Against Muggles is patterned on the infamous card game, Cards Against Humanity. It is full of hilarity just like the original version. In each round, a player says a question or incomplete phrase from a black card and every player answers with their funniest white card.

The Cards Against Muggle is composed of more than 1,300 cards.

It guarantees hours of laughs. However, a caution for everyone: – this game is for ADULTS only!

Similar to the Cards Against Humanity game, it includes a lot of NSWF topics but with a Harry Potter twist.

Bored Panda revealed the cards contain phrases like “peeves finding you masturbating”, “losing your wand and using your dick instead”, and “putting my basilisk in your Chamber of Secrets.” It’s definitely not suitable for children.

Some Potterheads shared their funny combinations on social media:

The new definition of Hogwarts.

Why indeed?

Now we know what really happened to that missing nose.

Say goodbye to Ron’s rat.

We have a new love team!

Bet they’re even better than Professor Lockhart.

But the good news is, a printable copy of Cards Against Muggles is available online.

The game is released only as a download (no physical version) for $19.95. It is composed of 3 PDF files with over 150 pages. Each page contains 9 cards with size and template similar as those in Card Against Humanity. Meanwhile, the users will then have to print the cards themselves on their chosen paper type. You can buy a full version of the game here.


10 Bare-Faced Celebrity Photos Prove That Makeup Isn’t Everything

Wow! Jennifer Aniston still looks as stunning as ever.




People always look up to celebrities for a lot of reasons. It could be their acting skills or the way they sing in music videos. Some also admire them because they look gorgeous and sexy on TV or magazines. Fans always get amazed by their glamorous lives but in reality, these celebrities are really nothing close to being extraordinary.

In this list by BoredPanda, you will see that celebrities are still normal people. And, at the end of the day, they get tired of the glitz and glamour. So how exactly do they cope up with this? Well, obviously, they do not wear makeup and groom themselves like the common masses.

The photos below contain a good number of well-known people - from Lady Gaga to Emma Watson to Emilia Clarke, among others, and you will begin to appreciate their natural beauty. Enjoy!

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Hidden Detail in Game of Thrones Opening Credits May Reveal the White Walker’s Game Plan!

It’s a terrifying prospect!




Those who watch Game Of Thrones are waiting with bated breath for several MAJOR events to finally happen and this includes the invasion of the White Walkers and their inevitable crashing of the Wall. I mean, the Wall is the only place where the White Walkers can pass through so they can get to other places past the North, right? We anticipate them crashing through the wall, perhaps with the help of a dead giant or two (We miss you, Wun Wun!).

However, some fans are suggesting otherwise. They pointed out the vision that The Hound’s saw in the flames, in which he said that “It’s where the Wall meets the sea. The dead are marching past.” Now some of you may be skeptical of The Hound’s visions and you think anything that is related to the Lord of Light is just fanatical hogwash.

But what if it actually means something?

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10 Photos Show How Stunning Marilyn Monroe Was Even Before Her Popularity

Her beauty was like that of a goddess.




When talking about anything Hollywood, it is a crime not to talk about the one and only Marilyn Monroe. The lovely actress became the face of beauty and almost every girl in the industry wanted to be her. Whether or not people agree, she was sexual in one way or another. And no other actress can do it better than her.

Monroe during her prime gave new meaning to sexuality. Males would line up and try to hit her from all possible angles. Heck, even the late US president John F. Kennedy was not able to resist her charms.

BoredPanda compiled several photos taken sometime in 1950 when Monroe was yet to be popular. As anyone can expect, she already looked stunning and irresistible before becoming a huge star. Had she not died in 1962, she would have been 91 years old today.

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