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To Capture The Perfect Shot, This Clever Photographer Had To Do The Belly Flop





Contrary to common opinion, it takes more than using a fancy camera to produce a great photograph.

For the most part, it takes a lot of talent and effort to come up with catchy and memorable shots. Actually, there are even some instances when a photographer literally has to step outside his or her comfort zone and do something insane just to get that effective photo. Case in point, this photographer from Japan personally had to do some belly flops just to create the needed effect for his photo. Known on Twitter by his handle snowfairy88, this clever photographer chose to jump in a pool to achieve a splashing background effect for his model.

The result, as you can guess, is both impressive and hilarious. Personally, I can’t help but admire the dedication.

Scroll down and see for yourself:

Japanese photographer snowfairy88 can be seen in the background, preparing to take the leap.

creative photographer does the body flop 1

Source: Twitter
He does the belly flop as the model gamely poses for a shot.

creative photographer does the body flop 2

Source: Twitter
He later hits the water and…

creative photographer does the body flop 3

Source: Twitter
Voila! Instant splash effect for the photoshoot!

creative photographer does the body flop 4

Source: Twitter

Now watch the video here:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the photos and video attracted a lot of attention online. Everyone was totally blown away with snowfairy88’s unusual approach to photography.

We did a little digging though and we found out that this actually wasn’t the first time he utilized his unorthodox technique. Back in 2014, he also did a belly flop to make epic splashes for his model.

creative photographer does the body flop 5

Source: Twitter

Well, it looks like he got better and better with practice.

What do you think of this strange technique? Leave a comment below and be sure to share this entertaining post with your friends today.

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