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This Homeless Man’s Breathtaking Act of Kindness Will Melt Your Heart





Wealthy people can give as much as they want to help the less fortunate. Some of them regularly donate to charities, participate in feeding programs, and raise funds for the homeless. It is indeed a noble and generous gesture, yet one that is not surprising.

But, when the poor gives whatever he or she has left for someone in need—that’s beyond magnificent!

In this social experiment posted by The Bad Christians, Johal approached a homeless person sleeping on a bench on a sidewalk. Then, he placed money in the guy’s backpack and waited to see what he’ll do with it. The man woke up a few minutes later and found the cash.

Surprised and ecstatic, the man got to his feet and left. The crew followed and saw him entering a department store where he bought some stuff. Shortly after, he went back and sat on the bench again.

Johal came and sat on the bench beside him. He was speaking with a friend on the phone. The homeless man overheard him; he learned that the stranger was worried about his daughter. He needed to buy medicine for his kid but he was broke, and he didn’t know what to do.

As soon as the phone conversation ended, the itinerant approached him and asked how he was doing. So, Johal told him about his “problem.”

What happened next was unexpected.

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