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Brave Lady Documented Her First Brazilian Wax Session in Very Informative Video





People may have heard about Brazilian wax but never really knew about it. Some women like to have regular sessions while others may feel uncomfortable at the thought of it. A Brazilian wax gives a woman a clean feeling down there — and many consider it the best hair removal process, especially during summer when it’s time to get your skimpy swimwear out.

Despite the possible sting and the awkward feeling of having someone else see and touch your private parts, many women would opt to have their pubic hair removed by Brazilian wax. For one brave young lady, she decided that her first session ever should be an experience that she can share with people. She had agreed to do a video of her session so people will know what to expect from the hair removal procedure.

Kaylin spent her 24th birthday getting a Brazilian wax for the first time.

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Expect the feeling of awkwardness and a stinging sensation.

For those who are considering getting a Brazilian wax, a stinging sensation is usually expected out of the procedure. But this sudden feeling of discomfort from the hair removal diminishes rather quickly. One should know that there will always be that awkward feeling of having to expose yourself to strangers — especially when it’s the first time. There will be moments of initiating small talks with the waxer to make things more comfortable. Eventually, the awkwardness does go away.

Don’t worry about your waxer judging your lady parts.

It’s also good to note that getting a Brazilian wax means getting a professional service. That said, one should not worry about the waxer judging the lady parts. Just keep in mind it’s the waxer’s job, which means she’s seen all sizes, shapes, and color and she wouldn’t be judging yours.

If you’re wondering what really goes on during a Brazilian wax session, watch the video below.

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