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Sleepy Puppy Tries To Stay Awake While Watching Over A Sleeping Baby





Dogs, they say, are man’s best friends. They can be the only friend we would ever need in our lifetime because they are loyal, caring, and truly exceptional. Even as puppies, they have developed this “human-like” attitude of being protective of the ones they dear.

Take this video for example. A puppy was tasked to look after the owner’s baby. The pup is quite sleepy, and with the good deep sleep that the baby is having, it can’t help but squint its eyes and doze off too. But being the natural protector that it is, the puppy tried shifting positions just to stay awake. Finally, the puppy decided to lounge atop the baby to make sure that the baby stays protected in case it falls asleep.

This is adorable in many different ways, and we can’t help but gush over how dogs understand the concept of unconditional love, care and security.

Watch the video here:

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