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A Three-Year-Old Boy Wrote a Letter to His Dead Dog Every Night. Then He Got THIS in Response!





Have you ever experienced losing a pet? What did you do to cope with the loss?

For a three-year-old boy, writing a letter to his dead dog every night seemed to help him get through with the pain of losing his 13-year-old beagle who passed away months ago.

Every night, Luke and his mother Mary would sit down at the kitchen table and write a letter to their special pet gone in doggie heaven.

The letters, addressed to “Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1″, would be dropped in their mailbox. Of course, Mary would retrieve the letter every night after Luke had gone to slumber.

Until one fateful day, Mary forgot to get the letter from the mailbox. But this didn’t bother her as she thought  no one  would take interest on it.

But to her surprise, an unstamped letter addressed to an unknown location suddenly arrived at their mailbox one day. It was a response letter from “Moe” that will restore your faith in humanity.

The contents of “Moe’s” letter will definitely send you to tears.

What kind gesture have you done lately?

Source: The Little Things

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