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Boy Wears Green On Picture Day, Ends Up Looking Like A Floating Head

Remember parents, don’t send your kids to school in a green shirt on picture day!






Every student knows how important picture day is, so they always make sure to look their best when that time comes. Unfortunately for one seventh grader, he and his mom, who helped him decide on what to wear, missed one crucial detail.

Laurel Hutsell thought that her son’s picture day would go smoothly. But she later found out that something was wrong her her son Carter came home and told her about the backdrop.

If there was a note warning kids not to wear a green shirt on picture day, Carter Hutsell’s mom didn’t get it.

A few days before school started, Carter and his mom sat down and discussed which shirt would look the best to commemorate his school year.

Thinking that the background would be gray or taupe, they settled on a nice green shirt with a collar. That’s when everything turned upside down.

Carter started worrying about what the snaps would look like after realizing they’d be shot against a green screen.

Laurel shared the hilarious moment on her Facebook account:

“My son – ‘Mom, I shouldn’t have worn the green shirt for pictures. It will blend in with the green screen they used.’
Me: ‘They used a green screen? What?! I probably should have read some fine print. Maybe they will be ok.’


Seriously cracking up! At least his hair and smile were on point! Which one should we choose? I’m kind of partial to the flags.
Update: I’ve asked around. There was no ‘fine-print-green screen’ warning.”

Laurel got an email two days later with the photos of Carter’s disembodied head and arms floating above various backgrounds.

The photo fail resulted in some pretty hilarious pictures.

She then shared the photos on Facebook for a funny back-to-school moment that any parent could relate to.

As expected, the post went viral. With over 60,000 reactions and 45,000 shares, it is safe to say that Carter is now a social media sensation.

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Ferret Moonwalks After Showing Owner’s New Pup Who’s Boss

Animals have adorable mannerisms but this ferret’s body language goes way beyond the norm!




Pet animals are so adorable even when they don’t do much. This ferret, however, had her actions misinterpreted by her new housemate when they were introduced to each other by their owner.

In a viral video posted online, a ferret named Stella was released by her owner to greet her new housemate, a playful puppy. What happened next was beyond hilarious!

In the clip, Stella runs past the then-bouncy pooch along the hallway. Once she’s ahead, she turns around and faces the dog, seemingly trying to intimidate him.

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Clever Dad Pulls His Son’s Loose Tooth – By Using A Drone!

Because the door and string technique is too old school!

Mark Andrew



If you ask most parents about the fastest solution for a loose tooth, they’ll probably give you a string and point the door! It’s been the proven remedy for years – until, of course, technology took over.

Case in point, one father from Staten Island, New York took tooth-pulling to a whole new level when he used a drone. Now the internet has been praising him for his resourcefulness!

Tooth problem? Don’t worry, we’ve got a drone.

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Sneaky 6-Year-Old Girl Shops $350 Worth Of Amazon Toys Using Mom’s Account

Now that’s a clever little girl!




Shopping has never been easier these days. Now, you don't even have to leave your home to purchase anything because you can buy most things online in just a click away.

However, online shopping is quite tempting and addicting. And one six-year-old girl can attest to this. After getting a taste of what online shopping is all about, Caitlin decided to have a $350 shopping spree on Amazon.

A 6-year-old girl impressed the internet by secretly buying $350 worth of toys on Amazon.

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