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Dog’s Reaction While Being Scolded For Chewing Bed Is Totally Adorable





Dogs that act like guilty little babies are the most delightful thing to watch. The video below is one perfect example.

C.J. Huffman came home and found it in disarray. He caught his roommate’s dog, a female border collie named Lilo, chewing on a bed his friend just bought. The fluff was everywhere and he was very upset because he had to clean everything up.

After cleaning up the mess the naughty dog created, C.J sat down and relaxed. Lilo sat next to him.

But C.J. didn’t want to let Lilo get off the hook that easily. He scolded her and said that he will tell his roommate about what she did.

The border collie’s reaction was so endearing that I had to watch it again and again! It seems as though she truly understands what the man was telling her and she’s trying to persuade him not to tell. It’s just hilarious and cute.

Watch the video:

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Isn’t she adorable? Have you experienced anything similar to this? Share your thoughts (and your adorable pup’s stories) in the comment section.

H/T: C.J. Huffman, Most Amazing Galaxy

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