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This Kid is Hiking in the Grand Canyon. Now Look What is Tied to His Waist.





There is no greater regret than having your life stolen from you just because of inevitable circumstances. All the possibilities of new hopes and beginnings may easily shatter in just a blink of an eye. Thanks to his strong hold of faith and determination, what was thought to be lost, was right then and there after all.

Bob’s life has taken a serious turn when he lost the gift of walking 10 years ago. For those years, he was haunted by the horrors brought by a bad fall when he lost balance on a ladder that cost him 17 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and apparently a paralyzed waist down. Since then, his life seemed limited and his dream of hiking the terrains of the Grand Canyon close to impossible.

Thanks to his dear family who unanimously agreed to pursue the long-overdue dream of dear old Bob—to hike the famous Grand Canyon. With the help of his three sons and eight grandsons, they effortlessly took turns in carrying Bob while seated on his wheelchair. Without any hesitation and complaint, each one did their own share of effort and made sure that his Royal Highness met supreme luxury.

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God has never given anyone a challenge that cannot be resolved within their capabilities. Hence, a man who has lost a few will always be rewarded with a thousand. All that is needed is the support from the closest of ties and the objective that, indeed, good things for a good cost can be done.

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