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Man With Only 18 Months To Live Now Completely Cancer-Free After Taking Breakthrough Drug

Mark Andrew





Cancer patient Bob Berry has previously been told by his doctors that he would only have 18 months to live. So it is indeed miraculous that he is now living completely cancer-free after taking a wonder drug.

Bob, who is 60 years of age, is one of the 12 people in the world who have taken the new drug that, as of the moment, remains unnamed. Doctors are astonished by the results of the treatment and they had one word to describe it – ‘phenomenal’.

Three years ago, Bob Berry was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Source: MEN

Initially, he complained of shoulder pains and physicians later found out that he did have lung cancer. He underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy but both failed to work and so he was given 18 months to live.

Eventually, he was put on a clinical drugs trial at Christie NHS Foundation trust in Manchester and he became one of the first people in the world to have had access to the medicine. The drug works in combination with immunotherapy treatment and this marks as the first time that it was used by humans.

In an interview with Manchester Evening News, Dr Matthew Krebs of The Christie, said:

Source: MEN

“His most recent scans show that he’s had a complete response with no apparent trace of tumor in his body.

“We will need to monitor Bob closely with regular scans to assess how durable this response will be.”

Meanwhile, Bob couldn’t be any happier with the results.

Source: MEN

He remarked:

“At the end of the day, this clinical trial at The Christie has extended my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Anyone who is offered a clinical trial should seriously consider it.”

So happy for you, Bob! And yes, here’s hoping that this new drug will be made available to the public soon. Many cancer patients would benefit from this.

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