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Black Woman Surprisingly Attacked By An Old Lady For Being From Miami

Try not to be dismayed with this old lady.






All she wanted was to peacefully walk her dog around their new area. Little did she know, it would be the most humiliating part of her life.

Rayne Burse was walking her pit bull, named Mojito, around her fiancé’s – Christopher Riker – neighborhood on Sunday. She found a little creek nearby and let her dog run around the place.

As Mojito was busy hunting iguanas, the 24-year-old black woman living in Miami was talking to her mom when she saw an old woman approaching her.

The Creek where it all Happened

old woman 2

Source: Rayne Storm

Burse thought that the old lady was the owner of the land, where she and her dog were resting, and would ask her to get out of the place.

I’m sorry m’am, am I trespassing? Would you like me to leave?

From here, her commotion with the old woman, identified by the South Miami police as Maria Dorrbecker, 63, started.

As she put her mom on hold, she, then, immediately end the call and began to record the hullabaloo with her phone.

Burse said that she was surprised the lady started pointing fingers at her and went on a scandalous rant. Although she was still shocked, she asked Dorrbecker why she was acting like that.

Because you’re part of South Miami.

The Angry Old Woman

The Angry Old Woman

Source: Rayne Storm

The old lady went on with her rage and even threatened to report Burse for some reason the aspiring model didn’t even know.

Of course, she didn’t forget Mojito as she was trying to pull him back in line by saying, “Move Mojito,” which is now a trending phrase on Twitterverse.

Bursed shared the recorded scene on her blog and it quickly went viral as one of her followers posted in on Twitter. On her site, she revealed that she still doesn’t understand why Dorrbecker did that.

She wasn’t making any sense. Telling me I’m from south Miami like I even knew what that meant, literally getting in my face, following me as I’m trying to just walk away.

Eventually, the stir between the two ended and they went on their own homes.

Watch how the old lady attacked Burse.

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Facebook Live Feed Showed Disturbing Shooting Incident in Minnesota

A live streaming on Facebook caught Minnesota cop shot dead a car driver.




A live Facebook feed is now surfacing online and revealing a disturbing shooting incident in Minnesota between a cop and a car driver on Wednesday.

The 10-minute clip was shared by a Facebook user, named Lavish Reynolds, and showed a man slumped in his seat while his white shirt was drenched with blood.

The victim is identified by his family as Philando Castile, 32, and the woman who is recording the scene is his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds.

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Man Uses Cell Phone Jammer To Stop Drivers From Using Their Phones, Gets $48k Fines

If you know anyone using or selling these jamming devices, better tell them to stop. The consequences can be extremely costly.

Mark Andrew



The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently fined Jason R. Humphreys for the amount of $48,000 after using a cell phone signal jammer during his daily work commutes in Florida. The illegal device was used to interrupt other drivers from using their mobile devices on the road.

Florida officials has always clarified that using jammers is now allowed by the law because it is considered a public safety threat. For instance, emergency teams will be unable to respond to calls.

A report by FCC tells us that Humphreys used the device on Interstate 4 between Seffner and Tampa. It has also been mentioned that he has been using the jammers for about 16 to 24 months before he was first apprehended in 2014.

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American Medical Association Issues Warning About the Dangers of LED Street Lights

Progress and technology come with a price.

Dondi Tiples



Modern cities have started to switch to LED lighting as a brighter and more efficient way to light up city streets. LED lights are cheaper and brighter than the older orange colored street lights of decades past.

However, despite the cost-efficient way technology is brightening up city streets, the American Medical Association has issued a new warning about LED lighting.

Apparently, LED lighting comes with consequences.

led 1

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