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11 Most Outrageous Bible Verses That Will Surely Make You Cringe

Words we did not expect to come from the bible. Totally outrageous!


The Holy Bible is one of the most widely available books all over the world. Many families instill the importance of reading the bible to their children simply because it contains the word of God and life lessons that are essential for our daily battles. Many people draw strength from these words and more often than not, people find sanctuary and peace of mind just by reading it.

Most versions of the bible are known to have highfalutin words that can leave any reader stunned and master the art of using context clues. Not only that, we recently found that the bible have really bizarre passages that are totally not expected from a holy book. They are raw, straightforward and definitely cringe-worthy!

Here are 11 of the most weird, funny, and unbelievable bible verses:

#1. Such a vivid description. She seems to have really keen observation skills.


#2. Show her no pity dude!


#3. Ruin a day, ruin a life. Amazing logic!


#4. Looks like people drank urine back then.



Crazy Moment Driver Loads His truck Onto a Ship Using Flimsy Wooden Planks

He needed to board this ferry but just can’t leave his truck behind. So, THIS!

Loading a car into a ferry boat is common. But the manner in which it is loaded can be quite unusual in some places in the world, especially in small ports where there is lack of sophisticated or at least decent equipment.

In this video we found, which according to reports was shot in a town in Brazil, we were surprised to see a truck being loaded on a ferry boat using two thin planks above the surface of the water. It is quite insane and we can't help but wonder how one could ever agree to use that method of transfer. We were on the edge of our seats all throughout the video and ready to hear a big, loud splash but we were more surprised to see that little by little, the driver was able to successfully load the truck!

Watch the video here:

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Man Attempted to Throw Girlfriend Overboard But Miserably Failed

Please kids, don’t ever, EVER try this.

A man shouldn't even be crazy enough to throw his girlfriend overboard just for some stupid stunt, even if she's game to go for it. You must exercise restraint and common sense. You don't just toss somebody from the boat and into the water, especially not THIS way. Because she may end up hitting the railing and...let your imagination cringe at the thought.

In this video, a man and his friend is holding a female (the girlfriend) high in the air; they are standing on the top of the boat. The woman appears to be covering her nose and preparing to meet the water's impact. A crowd of people gather around them to watch the spectacle. She jumps, but fails to get enough height needed for her to land safely on the water. The other guy reaches out with his arm and tries to pull her back, perhaps sensing that the fall will be disastrous. But he wasn't unable to break her fall successfully; instead, she lands neck-first right into the metal railing of the boat. OUCH.

Throwing your girlfriend overboard?


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Girl Vividly Describes the Experiences and Hallucinations She Had While in a Coma

Claire Wineland was ‘awake’ despite being unconscious.

Health care professionals often advise us to talk to a loved one who's in a coma. Even ordinary people who know little about medicine or science also tell us to do so. They said that somehow our loved ones can hear us and feel us even though they're in that state of deep sleep.

I wonder, what goes on inside a patient's head while under a medically induced coma? Will comforting words and a gentle touch really help those patients recuperate?

In medically induced comas, doctors administer sedatives such as ketamine, which would temporarily put a patient into a deep state of unconsciousness. The procedure helps to protect the patient's brain from swelling secondary to an infection or injury. The level of unconsciousness varies depending on the treatment provided by the doctor, and the capability to hear conversations or recall memories while in that state depends on the patient's level of consciousness. Once the sedative wears off, the patient will regain consciousness.

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