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The Best Southeast Asian Countries to Visit this 2019

Head to Southeast Asia where sumptuous food and amazing culture awaits.


If it is food and culture that you would like to experience, Southeast Asia is the best place to consider going on a trip to. Below is a rundown of the best countries to go on a vacation to this 2019:

10. Brunei

There’s more to this country than the mosques you plan to visit. Don’t leave just yet without trying their Ambugat, Brunei’s indigenous dish made from the trunk of a sago tree and, okay, visiting the famous Billionth Barrel Monument.

9. Myanmar

Source: Pinterest

Take a romantic hot air balloon ride over Bagan and give Athouq, their light and spicy salad made of yummy raw vegetables with some lime juice. Do send us photos of your balloon ride because Bagan is just spectacular.

8. Malaysia

A trip to Southeast Asia will never be complete without a visit to Malaysia. Just in case you’re curious, the orangutans are in Borneo and drinking Milo Dinosaur is the best there is. Just in case you’re more of the under the sea type of person, bring your scuba gear with you because Malaysia has some of the best underwater sceneries in the world.

7. Singapore

If you have not been to Singapore, this year is the best time to go pack and give this country a visit. Check out the light display at Supertrees, eat your heart out at hawker center or have a glass of martini at Marina Bay Sands. Oh, and try out their carrot cake that doesn’t have any hint of carrot at all.

6. Vietnam


Source: M M

Don’t forget to visit Phong Nha-Ke Bang where the rice paddies are so green and verdant and the farmers still flash tourists a smile and the peace sign whenever they go cruising along in their motorbikes. Of course, eat Pho (pronounced as ‘fuh’) and take a motorbike tour of the city.

5. Laos

This country may no longer be high on the list of backpackers’ wish list of countries to go to, it still has enough culture in it left to elicit oohs and aahs from tourists. Visit Don Det, one of the 4,000 islands of the country and go on a motorbike tour at the Bolaven Plateau that has waterfalls at every turn.

4. Indonesia


Source: Riza Nugraha

When visiting Southeast Asia, remember to include Indonesia to your list of countries to visit. You will surely have a hard time choosing between the beautiful beaches of Bali or going to Gili Trawangan. If you love laid-back chill, Gili is the place for you to be. Don’t leave without eating Tempeh and attempting to learn how to surf or climb a volcano, an inactive one at that, please.

3. Thailand

Before you make the mistake of thinking that Bangkok is the primary place to go to when in Thailand, head to Pai immediately. A mesmerizing place that is full of waterfalls and cold pools of water that will invigorate one’s senses. Try everything there is to eat when visiting this beautiful country because food here is absolutely delish!

2. Cambodia


Source: Khanh Hmoong

There is just something about the ancient civilization of Angkor Wat that reels in every tourist at heart. Apart from the fact that beer is cheap here during happy hour, the sense of culture is deep in this country and the water is so clear that you can see right through it.

1. Philippines

Source: Aman

When in the Philippines, make sure to visit Palawan. Try their pork adobo, a mixture of vinegar with soy sauce, some pepper and pork. Oh, don’t forget to try dressing up like a mermaid if you’re heading to Boracay and eating balut, of course!

Let us know if you’re planning on heading to any of the abovementioned countries. Kindly bring back a souvenir or two.


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