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Baguio City’s Solar-Powered Tricycle Is A Great Solution To Air Pollution





If you’ve ever been in the Philippines, you know Baguio City is always a must-see destination. The city is known as the country’s “Summer Capital” for its majestic pine trees, yummy strawberries, and, of course, its cool climate.

Sadly, however, residents and officials in Baguio are expressing concerns about air pollution. The problem, attributed to the city’s rapid-growing population, is getting worse by the moment.

Now the good news here, of course, is that steps are being taken to address this serious environmental problem.

Glad To Be Green, a non-government organization, has invited an Australian tech firm to help them minimize air pollution.

The result? These awesome solar-powered public transportation vehicles.

Baguio City, Philippines’ Solar Tricycles aim to address the city’s worsening air pollution.

baguio city solar tricycle 1

Source: ABS-CBN

The Solar Tricycle can accommodate up to 10 passengers and is priced at $2,000. The Solar Bus, on the other hand, doubles the figure with a maximum capacity of 20 passengers and costs $20,000. A report by local news source ABS-CBN tells that “the solar technology on both vehicles is located on the roof.”

The solar-powered public transportation vehicle has room for 10 passengers.

baguio city solar tricycle

Source: ABS-CBN

Charging the vehicles does not take too much time because it only requires two of hours to reach a full charge. Once they are fully charged, the Solar Tricycle and Solar Bus can drive a distance of up to 120-150 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the Solar Bus can accommodate up to 20 passengers.

baguio city solar tricycle 3

Source: ABS-CBN

As Yacov Maimon, inventor of the solar vehicles, noted:

“Unlike other solar technology, this does not need to be in direct sunlight; as long as there is light from the sun, it will charge.”

The inventor noted that the solar vehicles do not need to be “in direct sunlight” to charge.

baguio city solar tricycle 4

Source: ABS-CBN

Gladys De Vera, chief of Glad To Be Green, has said that Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan gave them the permission to have a 2-month demonstration period for the solar-powered vehicles.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that the local government of is considering the possibility of using solar power to minimize the city hall’s electric consumption.

Kudos to everyone at Baguio for addressing air pollution!

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