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Couple Rescues A Tiny Baby Squirrel Hanging From A Tree





Whenever we see someone in need, our initial reaction is to help wherever and whatever the circumstance is, it’s an innate character of humans. Now what if it’s a lost puppy, a homeless kitten or in this case a baby squirrel stuck in a tree?

The couple Elize and Anton Olivier was at the Timbavati Picnic Site in the Kruger National Park in South Africa when they heard a strange cry from a tree. They thought it was some bird but when they looked closer to examine it, they found out that it was a very tiny baby squirrel hanging from a tree with its neck stuck from a thorn. The poor creature is alone, without a care of a mother and can’t even open its eyes yet. Without thinking twice, the couple came to its rescue.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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Tree Squirrel or Smith’s Bush Squirrel with Paraxerus cepapi as its scientific name is primarily vegetarian but like most rodents will take insect prey. It uses its forefeet to manipulate food items when feeding. Tree squirrels  scatter-hoard seeds next to tree trunks or grass tufts, thereby facilitating tree regeneration which is one of its great benefits. They are essentially arboreal yet also spend quite time searching for food on the ground. Once disturbed, that’s the time when they seek refuge in the trees.

They give birth to one to three babies during October to November, after a gestation period of 56 days. Tree squirrels are weaned at six weeks and leave the nest to feed on its own at the age of only 19 days. This baby tree squirrel was said to be about two weeks old, too young and tiny to even have a chance of survival. However, Elize and Anton didn’t gave up and took a chance anyway.

The tiny squirrel now named Thorn is under the care of the kind couple as his new parents. Luckily, he was able to survive. Thanks to these two good Samaritans who are willing to help someone like tiny Thorn.

Credits: Kruger Sightings, Kruger National Park

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