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Baby-Faced Teacher In The Philippines Often Gets Mistaken For A Schoolboy




  • A teacher in the Philippines is going viral for his youthful looks.
  • Although he is already a licensed teacher at the age of 22, he still gets mistaken for a student studying at the school he works in.
  • He also has great advice for children who are being bullied.

Some people are lucky enough to look a lot younger than they actually are. However, one teacher might be taking it to a completely different level. The young man is actually 22 years old but most people still mistake him for a student attending the school he works at.

Ian Francis Manga is a teacher in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan in the Philippines. He teaches students in kindergarten and the second-grade level but looks like he should still be attending school himself. Although he is already 22 years old, Manga still looks like a fifth-grader who should be studying instead of teaching.

Manga welcomes students to his classroom.

According to Manga, he was a sickly child which might have stunted his growth. He is visibly shorter than most people his age. However, his height is not what most people notice. Manga has a sweet baby face which makes him look like he is younger than a teenager.

Growing up may have been a struggle but Manga claims he was never bullied for his looks.

“I was not bullied because I was friendly. I made friends with my classmates easily. There would be times that I would be bullied by people who didn’t know me but I just ignore them,” he said.

The young teacher is also much shorter than other people his age.

Despite his youthful look and friendly demeanor, Manga says he makes sure to discipline his students in class.

“When I get serious, they get serious as well,” he said of his students. “I need to be strict because I am a teacher. It can’t always be all play, they also need to be serious in class.”

Manga is certainly proof that teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about his story below.

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