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Poor Baby Dolphin Dies In Spain After Beachgoers Pass It Around for Selfies

The poor creature was “allegedly passed around to hundreds of people” until it died.


While this is not exactly the first time that something like this happened, it is still just as heartbreaking as it is infuriating! In the past, we’ve heard similar reports such as that one in Buenos Aires and San Bernardino, both in Argentina, where selfie-hungry tourists passed baby dolphins around until they died.

Tragically, the sad fact of the matter is that some humans just never learn. Some people are just heartless and stupid!

Case in point, a recent incident on a beach in Spain led to the untimely death of a sea creature.

According to an IFLScience report, a baby dolphin died in Mojacar, Almeria after beachgoers spotted the struggling animal on shallow waters. People immediately rushed to hold it and take photographs.

The article further tells us that Equinac, “a non-profit organization that rescues stranded creatures,” were immediately alerted by the authorities after the lifeguard had a hard time protecting the creature from the massive crowd.

In their official Facebook page, Equinac later wrote:

“Many people are unable to feel empathy for a living being which is frightened, starving hungry, without its mother and terrified.

“In their selfishness, all they want is to photograph it and touch it, even if the animal is suffering from stress.”

Meanwhile, International Business Times reported that the poor baby dolphin was “allegedly passed around to hundreds of people.”

Some of the photos even showed children covering the dolphin’s blowhole, which acts as a nostril where they breathe.

Authorities are hoping that the baby dolphin’s death will serve as a reminder for everyone. If you are a beachgoer and you happen to spot a stranded marine creature, the responsible thing to do is to get in touch with local authorities or a rescue organization – not to grab it for photo-ops!


Orangutan Has Heartwarming Reaction To Burn Victim’s Scars

The animal showed “completely interested” in her burn scars and surgery sights.

Humans and primates have a special connection as explained by genetics and scientific theories, which the ordinary layman generally cannot understand. A couple from the US, however, was able to show in a very clear and touching way as to how the two species are wired together through a simple visit to the zoo.

Engaged couple Darci Miller and Jason Costello went to the Indianapolis Zoo for a trip to see the animals. Little did they know that they were in for a heartwarming encounter with one of the animals there.

When they arrived at the section where the Orangutans were, Miller went near the glass to take a closer look. That was when an orangutan named Rocky came up to her, obviously exhibiting signs of curiosity at Miller's arm and shoulder. It was because Miller had numerous bandages and signs of trauma on this part of her body.

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Goldfish Can Turn Water Into Alcohol To Survive Cold Weather

Much like Jesus’ wine trick, right?

Everybody knows what goldfish are. They are among people’s favorite pets. But believe it or not, these water animals actually have the strangest of abilities. What exactly is it? Well, they can turn water into alcohol. You read that right, yes.

It turns out that they are capable doing it based on their current situation. This also proves that they share the same mechanism with that of a brewer’s yeast. This is pretty insane considering how insignificant people sometimes think of them.

When the going gets tough, goldfish resort to alcohol.

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25 Times Hens Proved They’re The Best Moms In The World

They went beyond the call to motherhood.

No matter how tough life can be, mothers always find a way to look after their children. They are simply awesome. In fact, calling them such is an understatement. They are just one of the greatest gifts in this world.

But hey, when talking about moms, it is a crime not to include the animal kingdom. And do you know which the best one in their hierarchy is? Hens, that is.

Believe it or not, they actually adopt chick even if it is not theirs. Go ask a farmer or something and they will tell you how true it is. Think of it as, well, motherly instincts, so to speak. However, there are times that hens tend to go beyond the call of motherhood as they adopt other animals.

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