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Baby Dolphin Dies As Beachgoers Pass It Around for Selfies





Here’s another reason to hate those selfie-obsessed individuals.

A tiny dolphin just died after beachgoers at the Santa Teresita resort in Beunos Aires, Argentina took the marine mammal from the water and passed it around to take selfies with it. Some of the photos recently surfaced on social media showing dozens of people flocking around the poor dolphin to pose for pictures.

Now that’s really, really disgusting.

Vida Silvestre Foundation released an online statement saying that the dolphin probably died because of dehydration. Although dolphins do have thick layers of greasy skin and fat, they are not immune to heat and they can easily dehydrate when they’re taken from the water.

This rare dolphin was taken out of the water and passed around by beachgoers for a photo opportunity.

dolphin selfie 1

Observers believe that the dolphin was a Franciscana (or more commonly known as Plata dolphin) which measures about 1.5 meters long. It is considered as one of the world’s smallest dolphins and can be found in the Atlantic waters to the east of South America.

The dolphin later died, possibly due to dehydration according to experts.

dolphin selfie 2

Source: Twitter

What makes the incident worse, however, is the fact that these are rare dolphins and have been previously named by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “vulnerable” species.

It’s really sad how some people can be irrational and inconsiderate sometimes. Frankly, it’s shocking that no one thought of reacting and stopping the wrong act while it was happening.

No animal deserves to die for an extremely shallow reason like this.

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