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This Vibrant Little Girl Has Left the Internet Completely Baffled





It is a constant life struggle to find a job that you will truly love. They say, finding a job you love means you never have to work a day in your life. People have different requirements so they can call their job satisfying; some may be looking for financial stability, personal growth and career advancement. But for Christi Andrews, it is whole lot of different story.

Christi is a forensic artist, who serves the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Her job requires her to create realistic images of victimized children so as to enhance the investigation of the authorities and hopefully bring justice.

“We want to obviously create an image of what the child will look like in life,” she told WBZ. “But also the vibrancy of that child, and we want obviously people to pay attention to these images.”

Her role is very crucial and while she is driven by that desire to identify the criminals, she said it is never easy to do her job as she has to see beyond the pain of the dead child and the horrible physical injuries sustained.

“No image is easy to look at,” she said. “When I first started it was very difficult getting used to. You know seeing images of deceased children but in the end we’re all here to do a job and that’s to get these children identified.”

One example of Christi’s amiable work is her recent sketch involving a toddler, who was found dead inside a trash bag on Deer Island.


The child, given the alias “Baby Doe,” was found on June 25 by a woman in the Massachusetts peninsula. The woman was walking her dog near Massachusetts’ Deer Island when she noticed a plastic trash bag stuffed with unknown contents. Curious, the woman looked inside, completely unaware she was about to make a horrific and tragic discovery.

Inside the bag, the woman found black-and-white polka-dot leggings, a zebra-striped blanket and the dead body of a 4-year-old little girl. Ever since the gruesome discovery was made, law enforcement has been working to identify the little girl and figure out how — and why — she died. Unfortunately, the case has left investigators baffled.

The police has already performed toxicology tests to determine whether the child was poisoned or drugged but the results are still pending; no signs of trauma or injury were noted.

The police are encouraging the parents or anyone who recognize the sketch to report.


Forensic imaging is a helpful approach in determining criminals and obtaining valuable information regarding crimes. The success of the solved cases were partly due to this intervention and for Christi, the thought that she will be able to help identify a poor child is her driving force to continue on with her very honorable job.

“When you know that you in some way whether big or small helped get a child their name back, you can’t ask for a more rewarding job than that,” she closed.

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H/T: Massachusetts State Police, Liftbump

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