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Newborn Baby ‘Pregnant With His Own Twin Brother’ Shocks Doctors

A half-formed baby was discovered inside his twin’s stomach.






A newborn baby boy has baffled doctors in Mumbra, India after being born “pregnant” with his own twin brother. According to a report by SWNS, doctors who attended the patient discovered the half-formed male baby inside the newborn’s stomach. Apparently, the unborn “twin” already has a complete brain, arm, and legs.

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Surgeons at the Bilal hospital were able to successfully remove the seven-centimeter mass inside the baby’s tiny stomach.

Experts believe that the baby’s condition was caused by a rare congenital anomaly called “foetus in fetu.” This type of condition creates a malformed parasitic twin within the body of a living child. In fact, the pregnancy is so rare that there were less than 200 cases ever recorded in the world.

Fortunately, both the 19-year-old mother and her newborn son are well and healthy following the procedure.

Source: SWNS
Meanwhile, radiologist Dr. Bhavna Thorat revealed that he noticed the abnormality during a routine scan of the mother in July.

When the baby was born, he did another scan and discovered that the baby has “another small baby” located “inside a fetal sac of the newborn.”

Dr. Thorat said:

“I could see bones of the upper and lower limbs of the fetus. The unique thing about it was I could see a tiny head with the brain inside. However, this parasitic twin didn’t have a skull bone.”

Doctors were able to remove the unborn baby inside his twin's stomach.

Source: SWNS

Shedding light to the bizarre condition, Gynecologist Dr. Neena Nichlani explained:

“It is a case of monozygotic twin pregnancy sharing single placenta, where one foetus wraps itself around and envelops the other and robs the host of its nutrition.”

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That being said, the baby’s condition could have led to a life-threatening situation.

“Sometimes it can also lead to the death of the host because both get nutrition from a single cord.”

Apparently, it already has a brain.

Source: SWNS

The good news is that the baby is now doing “extremely well” with his mother. He was also sent for further testing to analyze his condition more.

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