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This Baby Bear Was Chased By a Lion, Then The Story Takes A Surprising Turn! Try Not to Cry.





A parent’s unconditional love will always be eternal. That is a fact that no science could ever explain. While most people would easily assume that the navel connecting two unique individuals holds the key to the universal and philosophical union, there is no doubt that motherhood will always be infinite regardless of the distance in between.

For thousands of years, philosophers have always been outstandingly intrigued with the works of the universe and the circle of life. How a parent interacts or connects to their child is another social matter that is being discussed every now and then. For some, they call it instinct. Others call it simply parenthood.

For those who are still confused on what parenthood really means, this short video pretty much summarized its true essence and hopefully will make you appreciate your parents for simply being who they are in your lives and how far they would go most importantly in times of grave threat just to protect you.

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