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25 of the Most Awkward and Most Embarrassing Moments Ever





We all have those moments in life where we mess up – a few seconds of our existence that we so desperately wish we could erase from our memory bank and in the memories of those who bore witness to our blunder. We’re pretty sure you’ve had at least one awkward moment in your lifetime, and we’re also kind of certain that you somehow remember how you felt at that exact moment.

However, forgetting those hilariously embarrassing and awkward times isn’t that easy, particularly when those slips are immortalized on social media. Be it through a video uploaded on Youtube or a simple status update on Facebook, your goof would leave an indelible mark on your otherwise untarnished reputation.

This compilation of embarrassing moments shared on BoredPanda will perfectly illustrate just what we mean. Check out these photos:

1. Ah, a good closet trick.

2. Maybe he should’ve made an offer to the owner.

3. It was the tree’s fault.

4. The smell never bothered her anyway.

5. Let’s not go there. Please.

6. Hello darkness, my old friend.

7. Don’t worry, they don’t mind.

8. Well played.

9. Talk about getting up close and personal.

10. I bet he did Nazi that coming.

11. Bet they wouldn’t tell on each other.

12. That is one polite stranger.

13. Quack!

14. The bush says it all.

15. That is one cool teacher!

16. And that is how you answer a job interview question.

17. Shouldn’t yell at yer mom, tho.

18. Ooops.

19. It’s the thought that counts.

20. I prefer horse puppies.

21. She would’ve thought she was being bullied.

22. Hope the secs are good, tho.

23. Sing “They are Taking the Hobbits to Isengard” to compensate for the awkwardness.

24. Bless those neighbors.

25. The accent does it.

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