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8 of The Most Remarkable Landscape Arts Out There Today

As they say, an “earth” without “art” is just “eh”






Others may call it Earth art, while some describe it as Earthworks. Whatever term it may be called, these land arts definitely show man’s amazing ability to work with nature.

The environment and the artists attained stunning harmony in these unbelievable landscape arts. With earth as their canvas, these my friends, are their works of art.

1. Forest Guitar – Argentina

Source: Vaqif
A heartbroken farmer cultivated this astonishing guitar-shaped forest in honor of his late wife.

Source: MNN
2. The Green Cathedral – Netherlands

Source: Cheezburger
This one is an all natural imitation of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France.

Source: Iamsterdam
It used 178 Lombardy poplar trees to mimic the size and shape of the French cathedral.

3. Spiral Jetty – USA

Source: Wikipedia
Located in the Great Salt Lake, Utah, this monumental land art is the masterpiece of enigmatic artist Robert Smithson.

4. Heart Shaped Meadow – UK

Source: LifeBuzz
Another heartwarming tribute to a departed wife, this secret work of art by farmer Winston Howes was virtually unknown until a balloonist saw it in 2012.

Source: LifeBuzz
5. Sky Garden Crater – Ireland

This gigantic earth and stone crater is the brainchild of the famous American artist James Turrell. Today, it is considered as one of the hidden gems of Ireland.

6. Broken Circle / Spiral Hill – Netherlands

Another fantastic work of art from Robert Smithson, this one is located in a sand quarry in Emmen, Netherlands.

It is Smithson’s only work outside of US.

Source: Free WeChat
7. Northala Fields – UK

This astonishing park consists of four stunningly beautiful humanmade hills, several fishing lakes and a vast field area.

Source: Wikipedia
It was recently awarded the Green Flag, a benchmark for well-maintained parks.

8. Bunjil Geoglyph – Australia

A gigantic stone sculpture in the shape of a “Bunjil”, an indigenous creator spirit of the Aborigines.

The Australian natives believe that Bunjil created the land, animals, and the people as well.

As you can see, these land arts are not just about beauty or harmony with nature; it also offers us a reflection of the progression of time.

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14 Monuments To Remind You How Funny And Strange The World Is

If you think you’ve seen it all, wait until you see this.




Monuments are supposed to be structures built to commemorate a person or event. But we live in a strange world, so once in a while, we come across monuments that make us stop on our tracks, smile, and ask ourselves” what were they thinking?”

Sometimes, it’s the humor and the strangeness of this world that makes it amazing. We have scoured the remotest places in the world to bring you the 15 funniest and strangest monuments you will ever see.

1. Safety Pin - San Francisco, USA

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Underwater Photographer Takes Stunning Photos Of Plankton And Marine Life

There is beauty in the tiniest creatures that live underwater.

Nobelle Borines



Fishes are not the easiest subjects for photography. After all, you need an underwater camera, a tank of air, and a lot of patience to get any decent photos. This is probably why it took one photographer several years to perfect his craft. Needless to say, all the hard work has paid off because his photos of microscopic plankton are beyond stunning.

Ryo Minemizu is an underwater photographer who has been taking pictures of marine life for more than 20 years. In order to capture images of tiny creatures, Minemizu developed Black Water Dive, a type of night diving that uses underwater lights to lure the plankton out into activity. As you can see in all the amazing photos below, his method absolutely worked!

The pictures allow us to get a closer look at microscopic underwater critters.

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Man Falls Into Gaping Hole In Museum He Mistook For A Painting

I thought this only happens in cartoons!

Nobelle Borines



You never know what could be considered art these days. A man has been injured after falling into a dark hole in an art museum in Portugal. However, the hole was not there by accident. It was actually an art installation that the man mistook for a harmless painting.

The unnamed man, who is believed to be around 60 years old, was visiting Serralves Museum in Porto where he came across the seemingly flat black circle on the floor. Although there were reportedly warnings outside the small building, he mistook the circle for a two-dimensional painting and somehow stepped into it. Unfortunately, the large black circle turned out to be an eight-foot hole.

The artwork's creator Anish Kapoor inspects his creation with the press.

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