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This Awesome and Hilarious ‘Nutcracker’ Dance Will Put a Smile on Your Face!





Seeing ballet performances of “The Nutcracker” is a common Christmas tradition especially in North America. In fact some might have heard this Tchaikovsky classic performed hundreds of times already, it offers nothing new anymore.

But the three gentlemen featured in the video below refuse their dance rendition of “The Nutcracker” to be called anything but ordinary! And well we must say, their awesome performance is truly the Nutcracker like you’ve never seen it before.

Watch how Classic meets Contemporary dance in their awesome video

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Their actions are perfectly timed with every note and inflection of the music, and their hilarious synchronicity really got the audience laughing. Not to mention that they have some very epic facial expressions too!

Who would have thought that a classic can be danced so well with modern street or contemporary dancing? We do hope that more classic-meets-contemporary fusions like this can be done. It’s simply unexpected and awesome!

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