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This Awesome and Hilarious ‘Nutcracker’ Dance Will Put a Smile on Your Face!

Who would have thought The Nutcracker can be danced that way? 😆

Seeing ballet performances of “The Nutcracker” is a common Christmas tradition especially in North America. In fact some might have heard this Tchaikovsky classic performed hundreds of times already, it offers nothing new anymore.

But the three gentlemen featured in the video below refuse their dance rendition of “The Nutcracker” to be called anything but ordinary! And well we must say, their awesome performance is truly the Nutcracker like you’ve never seen it before.

Watch how Classic meets Contemporary dance in their awesome video

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Their actions are perfectly timed with every note and inflection of the music, and their hilarious synchronicity really got the audience laughing. Not to mention that they have some very epic facial expressions too!

Who would have thought that a classic can be danced so well with modern street or contemporary dancing? We do hope that more classic-meets-contemporary fusions like this can be done. It’s simply unexpected and awesome!

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Watch What this Woman Did When She Caught Her Boyfriend with a Stripper!

He got his revenge.


How would you react if you came home early and found your partner alone with a stripper? If you’re like a warrior princess, then I bet all hell would break loose! Every little thing your shaking hands could grasp would probably fly across the room---even that unfortunate woman.

But, what if it was just a practical joke?

YouTube star Cenek Styblo of the ViralBrothers, wanted to get even with his girlfriend, Lenka, for the 100 Electric Bug Zappers Torture Prank---a trick she pulled on him before. Since his girlfriend was away, he thought of doing a stripper prank in revenge. The plan is to let Lenka catch him with a dancer in their home in time for her “unexpected” arrival....

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13 Awesome Wallpapers for that Cracked Mobile Phone Screen

The last one is the best, though.


In the highly technologically advanced world we are currently living in, mobile phones are already considered necessities. Every year, many mobile phone companies develop new models boasting of new and improved features just to keep up with the needs of our society. Everywhere you look, you see people in the streets or in the subways holding their mobile phones and their eyes glued to their phone screens.

The problem though, is what happens when our phones suddenly get damaged? Like, suddenly dropped FACEDOWN on a hard surface? No, scratch that. Make that CONCRETE. Unless your phone is a Nokia, you're screwed.


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Independence Day: Resurgence trailer released

They aliens were bound to come back. Now without Col. Steven Hiller to lead the team, how do you fight and gain back independence from a vicious attack?

Just when everyone is busy with the upcoming showing of the latest Star Wars instalment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a trailer for another awesome movie was released to the public. In case you missed it, the movie we’re talking about is Independence Day: Resurgence. While it’s set for viewing summer of 2016, a lot of people are already talking about it online.

The teaser was shown during a football game last Sunday. Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman reprise their characters once again, with the addition of Liam Hemsworth and Charlotte Gainsborough. Sadly, main actor Will Smith is not returning for this film. Smith’s character, Col. Steven Hiller, was killed during a test piloting of the alien hybrid due to an unknown malfunction.

To make it easier for the millennials to understand the sequel, 20th Century Fox decided to create a website that devotes its entirety to explaining critical events that happened back in 1996. Included in the said website is the recounting of the past movie. A timeline of what happened after was also created to help make the sequel blend in better. ...

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