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Australian Pediatrician Joins ISIS and Urges Muslims in the West To Do The Same

Australia-born Tareq Kamleh has a chilling message for Muslims in the West – and for President Donald Trump.

Mark Andrew





Tareq Kamleh was once a pediatrician in Australia. He used to work at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide and Mickey Base Hospital in Queensland. These days, however, he is known to many as ‘Dr Jihad’after leaving medical practice in 2015 to do something unexpected – he joined ISIS!

Born in Perth, Kamleh now goes by the name Abu Yousef al-Australi. Most recently, he resurfaced in a 6-minute propaganda video and he is urging Muslims in the West to also join the terrorist group.

Born in Perth, Australia, pediatrician-turned-terrorist Tareq Kamleh is now known as Abu Yousef al-Australi or ‘Dr Jihad’ after joining ISIS in 2015.

‘Dr Jihad’ can be seen dressed in scrubs and treating a child in a hospital in the said video. Later on, he appears to be in a tunnel, wearing combat gear, under the city of Raqqa in Syria and he is inviting others to travel there and join them.

The child, according to Kamleh, has been injured in one of the blasts and that girl eventually died.

“Is this one of the terrorists that America’s wanting to hit? We are dealing with the countless numbers of burnt children that are coming in now from the continuous bombings that America is dropping on us.”

“Is this really a war on terrorism?” he asked on a propaganda video. Kamleh is now urging Muslims in the West to join the terrorist organization.

He continued:

“Is this really a war on terrorism? Is there no shame in those Muslims still in the West?”

Donning combat outfit, Kamleh later asked:

“It really surprises me how the Muslim nation is acting at the moment and how stagnant you have all become.

“We are under continuous bombing here and we are fighting hard to try and hold the lands of Islam.

“What more will it take for it to be a justified cause for you to come here and fight?

“And if you can’t come here, jihad itself isn’t only in the lands of Syria or only in the lands of Iraq.”

“You have no honour. You have no self-respect. You have no love for fellow Muslims.”

Kamleh further said:

“You are living in the countries that are sending us rockets. You are living in the countries that are killing Muslims in here and you are still paying taxes to them.

“You have no honor. You have no self-respect. You have no love for fellow Muslims.”

He likewise sent out a chilling message addressed to US President Donald Trump.

“Now, a message to the Kuffar, to old Trump.

“We were so happy because for a long time we have been waiting for your soldiers to meet us on the ground here.

“And your effeminate predecessor Obama danced around this subject for too long.

“He refused to send us your soldiers and now we know they are on the lands wanting to enter our lands.

“We are really eagerly awaiting your attempt to enter our cities.

“We love death more than you love life.”

Meanwhile, the former co-workers of Kamleh described him as “being lazy and leading a lavish playboy lifestyle while in Australia,” a DailyMail article tells us.


Mexican Mayor Marries Crocodile To Bring Good Luck To Fishermen

Marrying a crocodile is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the community.




Every country has its own beliefs and traditions observed throughout the centuries. For superstitious people, any tradition that brings good luck is worth observing no matter how bizarre it can get-- just like this Mexican mayor, who married a crocodile to bring luck to the local fishermen.

Recently, a crocodile named “The Princess” was baptized and was made to wear a custom-made wedding dress while her jaws were clamped shut. The Princess was being prepared for her upcoming wedding ceremony.

The Princess is like any human bride – she wore a veil, she had a dress and she paraded through the streets with music accompaniment. Clearly, people are waiting for the celebration to happen.

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Photographer Captures ‘Jesus Christ’ Apparition Over Light Beams in New Jersey

Could that robed figure be Jesus Christ himself?

Mark Andrew



Cameras are great not only for capturing life’s special moments but also for some unexpected instances. Or in this case, an alleged miraculous apparition. The photo below, taken by a freelance photographer, shows us a mysterious figure appearing over light beams in Hoboken, New Jersey. The said figure is believed by some as Jesus Christ himself.

Richard McCormack, who took the picture, shared that he was taking photos during the 9/11 commemoration and memorial rites when he captured the said image. In the clouds over the two beams of light, a figure dressed in a white robe can be seen seemingly standing in the sky.

Richard McCormack captured this photo of 'Jesus Christ' standing above the clouds over two light beams in New Jersey.

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Foreign Tourists Get Beaten in India After They Tried To Push A Cow

This is really disturbing!

Mark Andrew



A recent video from India, however, has been catching everyone’s attention and has been raising people’s eyebrows. Shared on Facebook by Pakistan Affairs, the footage shows us a bunch of foreign tourists being attacked in an Indian beach after they attempted to push a cow.

The page captioned the video this way:

“Shining India. Foreign tourists being beaten by Hindu extremist mob in Goa, after they tried to push away a cow.”

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