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Aussie Mom Slammed for Taking Care of Her Husband And Living Like a 50s Housewife




  • Brooke Smith wakes up at 4.30 am to make her husband’s breakfast.
  • They have four kids and they also run a dog kennel business.
  • Even The Today Show criticized her lifestyle.

Women’s role in society today has definitely changed and females are not required to become housewives anymore. While wives may still choose to take care of the house and kids, they are free to share the load with their partners or delegate the task to hired help.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with being a housewife, if that’s what a woman chooses to be. But Brooke Smith, a mother of four from Australia, got backlash for toiling like a 50s housewife.

Brooke is a stay-at-home mom living in Brisbane with her husband Sam and their four kids.
She posted on a parents page on Facebook, describing how her typical day goes.

The stay-at-home mom says that she gets up at 4:30 am to make breakfast for her husband.

After putting some make-up on and taking some time for herself, Brooke proceeds to do the daily housework, which involves doing the dishes and the laundry, making lunches, and laying out the clothes for the family for the next day.

The dedicated housewife with her four kids.
She doesn’t mind staying up until midnight just to finish her chores, even if she had to wake up early to do her husband’s breakfast.

Aside from that, the family also runs a dog kennel AND an MMA gym!

Brooke’s husband works five to six days a week in construction.

The reactions on her post were mixed. While some praise her work ethic, others say that there is something wrong with the setup.

“Nope nope… sorry but no. I LOVE that you are willing and able to do this,’ said one, continuing, ‘But, yes my partner works, but he can help me contribute to a nice clean household, cause f**k me by the time he gets home I am lucky I haven’t pulled out all my hair from yelling at the kids all day to try to stop them from accidentally killing each other. ‘I’m lucky to get a shower in and last an hour past the kids’ bedtime. Then we are ALL up at 4am,” said one commenter.

Her post became so controversial that her story actually made it to the popular morning talk show, The Today Show. Host Allison Langdon did not hold back on her opinion about Brooke’s wife and mom duties.

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Brooke retaliated and defended her choice of lifestyle.

“Anyway, if half of these frickin’ feminist knew half the crap I did for him they would lose their minds and their heads would explode. All I did was share my night-time and morning routine, because I see people asking all the time how some people are organised? You know,” she said.

She further explained that “Yes, being a mum is hard work and yes, I do do work for the business as well. But I think that for us taking the traditional male and female roles on in our households creates a happy family … Everyone has something that works for them, and this is what works for us.”

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