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Aussie Media Claims Miss Universe 2018 Winner Catriona Gray Wore The Wrong Sash

They wanted her to wear a different sash.






Catriona Gray has made a lot of Filipinos proud and happy after winning Miss Universe 2018 and bringing back the crown to the country. However, it’s not just Filipinos who were taking pride in the 24-year-old’s win.

In fact, Catriona Gray has been in the front pages of Australian media outlets after nabbing the Miss Universe crown on December 17, 2018, that was held at IMPACT Arena, Muang Thong Thani in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand. Why is this, you ask? The newly-crowned Miss Universe grew up in Australia, and they believe that they deserve the recognition.

The Courier Mail posted a photo of Catriona on its front page, wearing the Miss Universe and Philippines sashes, underneath it were the words “Miss Universe Philippines.” However, the outlet crossed out “Philippines” and wrote “Queensland.” They also added a smaller text stating: “Our crowning glory.”

An Australian article wrote “An Australian Girl Just Won Miss Universe But She Wasn’t Miss Australia” as its headline.

The report read:

“Catriona was born in Cairns, Queensland to a Scottish-born father and a Filipino mother. After attending school in Queensland, she moved to Manila to work as a model. So while she is most definitely Filipino, she’s also Australian!”

Having a Scottish-born Australian dad and a Filipino mom, Catriona had the choice which country to represent. But despite growing up in Australia, the Miss Universe 2018 winner found her passion and purpose in the Philippines, which is why she chose to represent the country in the prestigious annual international beauty pageant.

Catriona Gray took to Instagram to show her love, pride, and gratitude towards the Philippines after winning Miss Universe 2018:

“Philippines what an amazing honor it has been to carry your name across my chest and to embody you in all aspects. I may now carry the sash of Miss Universe, but I’ll forever be your Miss Philippines.”

Miss Australia Francesca Hung made it to the Top 20

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Public Votes ‘Twilight’ As Worst Movie EVER

Uh, congratulations?

Mark Andrew



Ever encountered the phrase "still a better love story than Twilight" on social media? We're guessing you probably have!

The expression gets casually slapped on anything, from posts about cartoon couples to even photos of paired objects - such as a toothbrush and a toothpaste. Needless to say, it's a clear evidence of just how much people collectively dislike the movie.

As if that was not enough, fans went out of their way to vote Twilight as the Worst Movie Ever.

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Miss Spain Makes History As First Transgender Contestant In Miss Universe

She has a strong message for the world – particularly to US President Donald Trump.

Mark Andrew



In 2012, Miss Universe surprised the world after officially dropping the longstanding rule that all participants must be "naturally born" women. Fast forward to 2018, we now finally have the first ever transgender contestant in the pageant.

Hailing from Spain, 27-year-old Angela Ponce recently made history for being the first transgender to join the competition and she has a strong message for the world - particularly to US President Donald Trump.

Miss Spain Angela Ponce is Miss Universe's first ever transgender competitor.

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Jason Momoa And Wife’s Ex Lenny Kravitz Got Matching Bone Skull Rings

Who says you can’t be friends with your wife’s ex?

Nobelle Borines



Some husbands prefer to keep a distance from their partner's ex, but not Jason Momoa. The Aquaman star recently got matching bone skull rings for himself and his wife's former husband Lenny Kravitz. In fact, the two have been very supportive of each other for some time.

Jason Momoa shared an awesome photo on Instagram where he and Kravitz are proudly showing off their new rings. According to Momoa, the rings were crafted by LeroysWoodenTattoos, an artist based in North Carolina. Momoa presented Kravitz with the bone skull ring after the musician supported the Frontier star during his recent Saturday Night Live gig.

Momoa gave the rock star the ring as a thank you gift for his support.

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