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Artist Creates Breathtakingly Vibrant Colored Pencil Drawings





What is it with all these artists and their amazing artworks? It’s like there are mere mortals struggling to draw a straight line, and there are masters like Morgan Davidson who create the most amazing colored pencil drawings.

Morgan’s stunning colored pencil drawings are not only bright, bold, and beautiful, but they’re so sharp and crisp that you could almost swear they were printed out. From beautiful women to scenery to surreal artwork, Morgan Davidson never ceases to amaze.

Let’s have a look at some of her artworks, shall we?

This autumnal piece with insane attention to each loose strand of hair.

Morgan 1

Possibly one of the loveliest skeleton artworks we’ll ever see.

Morgan 2

An adorable puppy with heterochromia.

Morgan 3

This summery sunflower.

Morgan 4

This colorful crystal with a very strong Lisa Frank vibe.

Morgan 5

A hyper realistic eye looking right into your soul. Props for the glitter eyeshadow!

Morgan 6

A colorfully confused chameleon.

Morgan 7

A beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Morgan 8

Juicy pink lips just about to pop out of the page.

Morgan 9

We take back what we said earlier, THIS is the loveliest skeleton artwork.

Morgan 10

This glowy masterpiece.

Morgan 11

So clean and crisp!

Morgan 12

Doing butterfly crowns before Snapchat made it popular.

Morgan 14

Portrait of musician Emily Bronzini.

Morgan 15

This wintry wonder.

Morgan 16

Just bee-utiful.

Morgan 17

Odd choice of subject, but spectacular nontheless.

Morgan 18

Life is Fleeting (2013). Can we take a moment to appreciate the level of detail on that hand?!

Morgan 19

A stunning ballpoint pen sketch!

Morgan 20

Another lips piece, this time without the gloss.

Morgan 21

An editorial-worthy piece with a flapper girl vibe.

Morgan 22

An eerily realistic colored pencil drawing of her roommate.

Morgan 23

Morgan Davidson is an illustrator with a BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design. She grew up in Southwest Florida. She has taken an interest in nature and fashion, as well as portraiture. As you can tell, her works are full of vibrant color and detail. Check out her site at

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