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April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas To Try This Year





Although not considered as a legal holiday in any country, April Fools’ Day is celebrated worldwide every year on April 1. During this day, it is absolutely okay for people to play silly pranks with each other – from the simple to the elaborate.

On top of that, even mainstream media and major websites report hoax news and stories, explaining to their followers the next day (or in small text disclaimers just below the news) that its all a practical joke.

Want to make sure that you get to play the best pranks this year? Check out our suggestions below!

#1. Stationary In Jellies

april fools prank 3

Source: via Metro

This one requires a bit of preparation but it can be really funny. All you have to do is to steal a roommate or co-worker’s office stationary and then put it in a pack (or two) of jelly cubes. Add some water and you’re guaranteed to be the meanest April Fools’ prankster!

#2. Trolling with Trolleys

#2. Trolling with Trolleys

Source: Imgur

See those idle shopping carts on the grocery? Go put them to good use by creating a never-ending loop of trolleys around your buddy’s vehicle while he or she is on a grocery run.

#3. Nasty Toffee Apple

#3. Nasty Toffee Apple

The photo above pretty much says it all. Just get a bunch of onions and then prepare them as you would your toffee apples. Serve to friends or family members who love sweets and prepare to have a good laugh.

#4. Coke Explosion

#4. Coke Explosion

Source: Imgur

Got some Coke in the house or office? Sew a piece of dental floss through a Mentos and then place it carefully on the bottom of the cap. Cut the extra floss and wait for a victim.

#5. Soup Shower

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Unscrew the shower head and put a Knorr Chicken Cube inside it.

These are just some of the ideas you can try this April 1. Be sure to shout “April Fools’” though so you can at least remind your victim not to punch you on the nose or something.

Good luck!

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