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Another Passenger Detained For Tossing Coins At Plane’s Engine For Good Luck

His mother-in-law told him to do it.


Superstition is not for everyone, but people are open about it as they don’t see anything wrong with it anyway. However, there are some beliefs that are considered against the law. With that in mind, believers of superstition are expected to follow the rules whatever their stance are or else they should face the consequences.

Just take this Chinese passenger, for example. Police had to detain him because of his superstition.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the 31-year-old man only identified by his surnamed Xia throwing three coins at a plane before taking off. The clip revealed that he drop them between the gap of the plane and jet bridge. He was boarding a flight at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Hubei province with his wife and daughter.

Security personnel immediately informed the airline staff after finding three 1 yuan coins on the ground near the engine.

As a result, Hainan Airlines flight 7783 departing for Urumqi, Xinjiang was delayed for 40 minutes. Xia’s superstitious belief affected 101 fellow passengers.

Xia later told police that it was his four-month-old daughter’s flight, so his mother-in-law insisted that he should throw three coins for a safe flight. Xia was detained for 10 days in Wuhan for endangering the passengers. His wife and daughter were allowed to continue to Urumqi.

While many quickly condemned the man’s bizarre action, this is actually not the first incident.

In March 2019, two women in their mid-20s were removed from a Lucky Air flight after they admitted to tossing a coin as they were boarding a plane at Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport in Shandong province.

In February, a Lucky Air passenger threw two one yuan coins at the engine for good luck that resulted to a delay to his flight and $21,000 in damage Officials canceled the flight after finding the coins near the engine. The man’s superstitious belief forced 162 passengers to wait for a flight the next day.


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