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Amy the Pig is “Top Dog” in Her Class. What a ‘BABE!’!

This miniature pig is the smartest pupil in her dog-obedience class.

Jessa Ventures





Pigs, I guess will forever remind me of the movie ‘Babe’ from my childhood or ‘Piglet’ from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ until I found out about Amy here. She’s simply astounding and special. Being different from the rest sometimes scares us but Amy teaches us that it’s okay not to be like everybody else and you can actually outshine them by being yourself.

Amy is only six months old but she is the smartest pupil in her dog-obedience class. Unlike usual pigs, she is learning some tricks and challenges like teeter-totter, jumps, a chute and an elevated walk, another impressive qualities of Amy.

‘There’s nothing I can’t teach her,’ says owner Lori Stock of the 45-pound pig.


Photo credit: seattletimes

On top of her 2 day classes every week, Amy also does a daily training with Lori and spends most of the time inside a special- built indoor run.

Stock says, ‘Amy is outgoing, affectionate and darn cute,’ and we couldn’t help but agree. She really made her mark and not only did she set the bar high for her own kind but to all other dogs out there too. Her uniqueness and undeniable talent stood out and that set her apart from the rest.

Watch adorable Amy’s video and be impressed:

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Credits: The Seattle Times, MagicPost

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Spine-tingling Family Photo Shows a Ghost of Child Who Drowned on the Same Spot Century Ago.

The face is eerily luminescent and has two dark ‘eye holes’. Some observers noticed two hair buns. Others said its horns.

Mini Malabanan



At first glance, Kim Davison’s family portrait taken while swimming at Lockyer River in South-east Queensland seems quite normal. But after taking a closer look at the photo, you’ll probably notice something creepy about it.

The mother from Queensland, Australia claimed that only three children were with them on the day of the incident. But the picture shows a fourth “child” with an “eerily luminescent face and two dark eye holes”.


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He Pokes His Phone With A Knife. What The Camera Captures Is Terrifying!

This made me jump from my seat.

Inah Garcia



A man attempts to break into the metal battery of his phone using a knife. What we did not expect was the crazy result afterwards - it literally burst into flames! It is totally unexpected!

Although this incident is quite rare, various news and researches have attested to the fact that this reaction is indeed possible. Most electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries that are sensitive to heat, and thus may cause harmful reactions when overcharged or overheated. Then why use this type of material for batteries? Lithium are lightweight, and is perfect for small handheld devices.

Watch the video here:

This should serve a lesson for us all to put sharp things away from our mobile phones to prevent these reactions. While, the man in the video consciously performed the act, all of us should still take extra precaution, whether we intend to do the same thing or not. BUT of course, we are not only discouraging, but we are PROHIBITING everybody from doing this at home.

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Video of Divers Barely Escaping a Great White Shark Attack Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine.

You’ll probably get nightmares after watching this terrifying shark attack.

Mini Malabanan



Known as the “ferocious man eater”, the great white shark is known to be responsible for causing the greatest number of reported deadly and unprovoked shark attacks on humans. In fact,  great white sharks became widely popular as a large oceanic predator in the Steven Spielberg movie “Jaws”.

A pair of very brave divers decided to swim with a 2-ton 15 foot great shark named CC or Cut Caudal. Using a bait, the crew lured the shark near the diver’s area. Protecting them from the ultimate predator was a metal safety cage which the shark managed to actually break through. The shark’s entire head was already inside the cage and the only thing that stopped the shark from completely getting into it was its pectoral fins!

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