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Amy the Pig is “Top Dog” in Her Class. What a ‘BABE!’!





Pigs, I guess will forever remind me of the movie ‘Babe’ from my childhood or ‘Piglet’ from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ until I found out about Amy here. She’s simply astounding and special. Being different from the rest sometimes scares us but Amy teaches us that it’s okay not to be like everybody else and you can actually outshine them by being yourself.

Amy is only six months old but she is the smartest pupil in her dog-obedience class. Unlike usual pigs, she is learning some tricks and challenges like teeter-totter, jumps, a chute and an elevated walk, another impressive qualities of Amy.

‘There’s nothing I can’t teach her,’ says owner Lori Stock of the 45-pound pig.


Photo credit: seattletimes

On top of her 2 day classes every week, Amy also does a daily training with Lori and spends most of the time inside a special- built indoor run.

Stock says, ‘Amy is outgoing, affectionate and darn cute,’ and we couldn’t help but agree. She really made her mark and not only did she set the bar high for her own kind but to all other dogs out there too. Her uniqueness and undeniable talent stood out and that set her apart from the rest.

Watch adorable Amy’s video and be impressed:

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Credits: The Seattle Times, MagicPost

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